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Do you want your company to stay ahead in the fast-moving digital landscape and make effective use of the possibilities of virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse?

Whether you want to enhance your brand, improve training or create unforgettable interactive experiences, let us advise you without obligation. With over 10 years of experience, we are the agency for virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° video. We create the right solution from the broad spectrum of immersive media that is tailor-made for you.

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Extended reality, or XR for short, is the umbrella term for the immersive media forms of virtual reality and augmented reality. The term Mixed Reality is used to describe a hybrid form of AR and VR. Our agency Design4real has been involved in the conception, design and development of these immersive media forms for over 10 years. Our XR experts have extensive experience in the development of VR and AR applications for companies. These technologies are the pioneers of the metaverse.

Our services around Extended Reality at a glance

Augmented reality

Your partner for AR innovation: We create customized solutions that transform your business.


Turn WebAR into a game changer for your business: fascinating, browser-based AR experiences

Mixed reality for companies

Experience the seamless fusion of the real and digital worlds in your business.

Virtual Reality

From the idea to virtual reality: Our agency is your partner for extraordinary virtual reality experiences.

Expert workshops on the subject of XR and Metaverse

Workshops on XR: Experience how augmented realities can transform your business.

Virtual trainings

Virtual reality training simulates tasks where users can practice and improve their skills in a safe environment without the risks of real-world scenarios.

augmented reality tracking
virtual reality agency

Present products virtually

Offer more than images: Virtual product presentations that bring details and functions to life.

Virtual tours and sightseeing

A new way of discovering and presenting rooms - realistic and captivating

VR glasses rental

For your VR experience, you can rent the right glasses from us right away.

VR and AR app development for all devices

Whether for VR glasses or for the smartphone or tablet, we develop your app.

360° video productions

Razor-sharp: We produce 360° videos at the highest level with our high-end cameras.

Our years of XR Expertise

Discover with Design4real your ideal partner for XR and Metaverse solutions! We offer compelling reasons why you should choose us: Our outstanding technical expertise and extensive experience in immersive media allow us to use flexible XR techniques for customized solutions tailored to your exact needs. Our passion and fascination for immersive media has driven us for 10 years to develop AR apps, 360° videos and virtual reality applications for our customers that not only meet the highest standards of today, but also those of the future. The technologies in this area are developing rapidly and that's what makes it so exciting for us.


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