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3dof VR headsets in comparison

The world of virtual reality has made tremendous strides in recent years, offering users an immersive experience that transports them to fantastic worlds. 3DOF (3 Degrees of Freedom) VR headsets are a popular choice for VR beginners and are best suited for playing 360° movies. These movies do not require position tracking and can therefore also be presented on a 3DoF Haedset without any problems.

What are 3DOF VR headsets?

3DOF VR headsets are a type of virtual reality goggles that offer the user three degrees of freedom: Rotation around the vertical, horizontal and lateral axes. In other words, they allow users to rotate their heads and view the virtual environment from different angles. In contrast, 6DOF headsets offer additional degrees of freedom as they can also track movement in space.

Headsets in comparison:

Oculus Go - The classic:


The Occulus Go is a 3DOF VR headset that is still in use, although this system is quite outdated. It was the first ALL in One headset on the market. The simple remote control makes it easy and accessible to use. However, the Oculus Go can't keep up with the performance of current devices. If you want to use this device to play 360° videos, you have to be content with a resolution of 4K. Caution: The Go can overheat in continuous use and has to be switched off to cool down. This can be a big problem at trade shows. Although the Oculus Go is no longer officially supported, it is still available on the second-hand market or from third-party sellers. Price-wise, you can now get the device from around 100-200€ (though the price also depends on whether you want to get the 32GB version or the slightly more expensive 64GB version). I would no longer use the Oculus go. When it comes to VR presentations, image quality is the key and the Oculus Go is yesterday's hardware.


  1. Affordable price: Compared to some other VR headsets, the Oculus Go offers good value for money. It is an affordable option for users who want to dive into the world of VR without spending a fortune.
  2. Easy to use: The Oculus Go has a user-friendly remote control and an intuitive operating system. Navigating through menus and applications is simple and straightforward.


  1. Limited performance: The Oculus Go is powered by a mobile processor that does not offer the same performance as high-end PCs or gaming consoles. As a result, demanding VR applications or games with elaborate graphics may not be as smooth and detailed as on more powerful devices.
  2. Discontinued support: Oculus has discontinued support and production for the Oculus Go. This means that there may no longer be any new software updates or improvements. However, the existing library of content will remain accessible.
  3. Comfort: Although the Oculus Go is lightweight, it can become uncomfortable after long VR sessions, especially for glasses wearers. Some users also report complaints about the wearing experience.

Pico G2

Pico G2:

The Pico G2 is a powerful all-in-one VR goggle with a 3K screen and wide field of view for a smooth VR experience. Like the Oculus Go, the G2 features a 3DoF controller. Usable without a PC or smartphone, it enables straightforward VR enjoyment. Ideal for entertainment, education, and enterprise, the Pico G2 supports a variety of VR content and provides developers with a user-friendly platform to create their own applications. With its mobility, performance and ease of use, it will delight VR enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The Pico G2 4K is a further development of the Pico G2 and offers additional features and improvements.It features a high-resolution 4K screen that allows for an even more impressive visual display. This improved image quality takes virtual world immersion to a new level, which is especially interesting for VR enthusiasts and content creators.


  1. Graphics: 4K LCD display (for Pico G2 4K) enables more impressive visuals.
  2. Performance: The VR goggles offer impressive performance with a high-resolution display and smooth VR experiences without noticeable lag.
  3. It has a kiosk mode and is easy to keep clean, which is an advantage especially for applications at trade shows.


  1. Limited processing power: Since the Pico G2 is a standalone device, it does not have the same processing power as more powerful PC-based VR systems. This can limit the complexity and graphics quality of some VR content.
  2. Limited battery life: Since the Pico G2 is a compact and mobile VR goggle, the battery life is limited and can be a challenge during longer VR sessions. The battery life is about 2 -2.5 hours.
  3. Content availability: Although the Pico G2 supports a wide range of VR content, the offering might not be as extensive as established VR platforms like Oculus or HTC Vive.

Pico G3:

PICO G3 is PICO's latest 3DoF all-in-one VR headset designed specifically for the business market. Utilizing the XR2 chipset, it offers an impressive performance boost, a more vivid display, longer battery life, and a higher refresh rate to meet the growing demands of customers. The latest PICO operating system ensures business continuity and enables a realistic virtual world experience. With these advanced features, the PICO G3 provides an enhanced VR experience for businesses, enabling immersive training, presentations and other business applications. The G3 is currently the most advanced 3DoF headset on the market.


  1. Graphics: The Pico G3 offers the advantage of a 4K LCD display, providing a crisp and high-definition visual experience in virtual reality.
  2. Another advantage of the Pico G3 is that it can easily be used without a controller, making interaction in VR applications more intuitive and effortless.
  3. With its kiosk mode, the Pico G3 allows for straightforward use and control of VR content, making it ideal for public events and presentations.
  4. The ergonomic design of the Pico G3 not only makes it comfortable to wear, but also easy to clean, making it particularly practical and hygienic.
  5. Equipped with a simple operating system, the Pico G3 is user-friendly and provides a seamless and hassle-free experience in the virtual world.


  1. The use of Fresnel lenses in the Pico G3 can lead to glare effects and optical artifacts that can affect the VR experience.
  2. One drawback of the Pico G3 is a lower FOV compared to the G2 4K, potentially resulting in a limited field of view and a less immersive VR experience.
  3. The limited battery life of 2-2.5 hours may limit the Pico G3's usage time and may require frequent recharging during extended VR sessions.

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