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Apple Vision Pro, Apple's mixed reality glasses finally launch in Germany

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Long awaited, finally here? Since the US launch in February 2024, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans in Europe have been eagerly awaiting the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses towards. The time will finally come on July 12, 2024: The mixed reality headset from Cupertino will be launched on the European market. But what do we make of the Vision Pro? Flop or must-have? The answer is a little more complex.

Immerse yourself in mixed reality

The Vision Pro headset promises a new dimension of spatial computing. That's what Apple calls virtual reality 🙂 With high-resolution displays, advanced eye tracking and powerful hardware, Apple wants to merge the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. Whether for productive work or creative work - the possible applications are diverse.

Innovative technologies for an immersive experience

Apple packs a range of innovative technologies into the Vision Pro to create the most immersive and realistic experience possible:

  • MicroLED displaysThe high-resolution displays offer razor-sharp image reproduction and natural colors. 
  • Eye trackingThe headset tracks the user's eye movements so that objects and information can be controlled intuitively with the gaze. Vision Pro is the only headset that uses eye tracking for control. The Vision Pro has no controller.
  • M2 chipThe powerful chip ensures smooth performance and enables complex AR and VR applications. M2 was otherwise used in Apple laptops. Other VR glasses rely on Snapdragon chips, which are used for mobile devices. These mobile processors have less performance but are significantly more energy-efficient.
  • Room audio3D sound with noise suppression and transparency modes provides a realistic sound image and allows you to remain aware of your surroundings.
Rent Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro met with mixed reactions in the USA. The innovative technology and impressive AR/VR experiences were praised. There was criticism of the high price and initial software problems.

Is the price justified?

At €3,999, the Vision Pro is a luxury item. Many potential users are put off by this investment, especially as the technology is still relatively new and the long-term benefits seem unclear.

Software and apps

The limited selection of apps and content at launch was also met with criticism. Most of the apps that can run on the Vision Pro do not or barely make use of the mixed reality capacities of the Apple glasses. Especially in the area of immersive games, there is a rather sparse range of software compared to Meta Quest 3. This is not least due to the fact that the Vision Pro is supplied without a controller and many games simply require buttons for game functions. 

Compatibility and ergonomics

The Vision Pro works optimally in the Apple universe. Users of other devices such as Windows will experience limitations in functionality. Concerns have also been expressed about the long-term effects on health of prolonged use, as not even the center had promised a long period of use in advance. However, the headset feels quite heavy on the head after prolonged use and the weight of the glasses is not evenly distributed on the head, but tends to lean forward. 

Will Apple respond to the points of criticism?

The European market launch is just around the corner. Apple will probably not be able to rectify many criticisms of its glasses before the European launch. Many points of criticism are directly related to the hardware of the glasses or their basic software implementation. This will not be so easy to change. It remains to be seen how the Apple Glasses will be received in Europe. Its success in Europe depends heavily on Apple's ability to address users' concerns, improve the software and create a wide range of attractive apps and content.

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