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Augmented Reality - E-Commerce

Augmented reality (augmented reality) in e-commerce is an exciting and innovative technology. Augmented reality enables online stores to integrate virtual 3D objects or information about real products into the customer's environment. This allows customers to virtually try out products or take a closer look at them as if they were physically in front of them. Augmented reality in e-commerce offers a variety of benefits that can improve the shopping experience for customers and revolutionize online retail.

Rapid advances in technology continue to open up new horizons for the use of augmented reality in e-commerce. Future developments could enable an even more seamless integration of virtual and physical shopping experiences. Imagine a personalized shopping experience where customers can not only see what a product would look like in their environment with a glance through their smartphone, but also receive instant customized recommendations and offers. These advanced, personalized shopping experiences could be achieved by combining augmented reality with machine learning and artificial intelligence, making online shopping even more intuitive, engaging and customized.

Here are some ways augmented reality is being used in e-commerce:

  1. Furniture and fixtures: Augmented reality allows customers to visualize pieces of furniture or fixtures in their own homes. They can see how a sofa fits in their living room or how a shelf looks in their office before they buy it.
  2. Cosmetics and beauty products: Customers can use AR to virtually try out different makeup products and beauty items. They can test different lipsticks, eye shadows or mascara colors to see how they look on their face.
  3. Personalization options: Customers can use AR to personalize products. This allows them to try out different colors, patterns or designs before placing their order.
  4. Product details and specifications: AR can be used to display important product details and technical specifications directly on the product.
  5. Enlarged product views: Customers can use AR to view products in 3D. It will allow them to see them from all angles, giving them a better understanding of the product.

Case studies:

IKEA has developed an AR app called "IKEA Place" that allows customers to place virtual furniture pieces in their own rooms. Customers can scan an IKEA catalog, and the app then projects the selected pieces of furniture onto their smartphone screen in real time and to scale.

Say Hej to IKEA Place

Porsche offers an AR app that allows customers to virtually view various Porsche models and explore their features. Customers can use the app to view the vehicles from different angles and configure their dream cars.

Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App

Are you interested?

AR in e-commerce not only provides an enhanced shopping experience for customers, but can also help facilitate purchase decisions, reduce return rates, and strengthen brand loyalty. It's a powerful tool to engage customers, enrich online shopping experiences, and ultimately increase the revenue and success of e-commerce businesses.

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