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Engage online customers in AR experiences

WebAR-experience via social media, email marketing, or directly from your website. Via a link or directly embedded, your customers can reach the application easily and quickly.

Here are some examples of how to bring online AR applications to users:

  1. AR-enabled websites: Companies can add AR elements to their websites to provide customers with interactive AR experiences. With web AR, customers can experience AR content directly from their web browser on their smartphones without having to download a separate app. This can be achieved by integrating AR libraries or frameworks into the website code.
  2. AR apps: Companies can develop dedicated AR apps and publish them to the app stores (e.g., App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android). Customers can download and install these apps on their smartphones to experience AR experiences. These apps can be specifically tailored to a company's particular products or services.
  3. Social media platforms: Some social media already offer AR capabilities within their platforms. Companies can create AR effects or filters that users can use in their posts or stories. These AR effects can increase brand awareness and encourage customer interaction with the brand.
  4. QR codes: Companies can place QR codes on their website, in their marketing materials, or on their products. Customers can scan these QR codes with their smartphones to unlock AR content or AR experiences.
  5. Advertising banners and ads: Businesses can incorporate AR into online banners and ads to engage customers in an interactive way and increase engagement.
  6. Email marketing: AR can also be integrated into email marketing campaigns. Companies can include AR elements in their emails to drive customers to interactive content or AR experiences.

Case studies:

Design4Real has used Web-AR several times for digital Christmas greetings. Thanks to Web-AR, no extra app needs to be downloaded to enjoy the AR experience.

Here you can also immediately see the difference between marker-based tracking and worldspace tracking in AR.

Marker-based AR tracking uses special markers or codes in the real environment to detect and position virtual content. Worldspace tracking precisely places virtual objects in the real environment without markers.

Christmas Greetings 2020 - Marker Based
Christmas greetings 2021 - Worldspace Tracking

Through an email campaign, even Clarence Dadson, CEO of Design4real, can be seen in AR in the form of a 3D avatar for customers. He explains the advantages of (web) AR and possible areas of application:


Are you interested?

Delivering AR online gives businesses the opportunity to engage their customers on new levels and create an immersive and memorable experience. By integrating AR into their online presence, companies can increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and boost conversions.

Contact us, we as Augmented Reality Agency, can help you turn your AR ideas into reality. Our experts are at your side to develop customized AR solutions for your company. We support you in the implementation and realization of your AR projects. Let us bring your ideas to life together and create an impressive AR experience for your target group.

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