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Augmented reality - posters

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to a technology in which digital elements are integrated into the real world. This creates an enhanced perception and interaction for users. AR with posters refers specifically to AR effects and content being applied to posters.

Use of AR with posters:

1. posters as triggers:

AR with posters typically works by using a physical poster as a trigger or marker to activate the AR content. The poster contains a special code, graphic or symbol that is recognized by the AR application.

2. digital additions:

As soon as the poster is recognized by the AR application, digital content such as 3D objects, animations, videos, interactive elements or additional information about the poster can be displayed.

3. advertising and marketing:

AR with posters is often used in the advertising and marketing industry to make posters more interactive and engaging. It can increase the attention of passers-by and allow them to get additional information or entertaining content.

4. creativity and commitment:

AR with posters opens up a wide range of creative possibilities. For example, interactive games, product presentations or informative visualizations can be created to increase the engagement of the target group. Knowledge can also be conveyed via the posters, e.g. in the form of quiz questions that the user can answer.

5. mobile applications:

Most augmented reality posters are realized via mobile applications. Users use their smartphones or tablets to activate and experience the AR content. With web AR, users can even immerse themselves in the AR experience without downloading an app.

6. enrichment of museum images through AR:

Using AR in conjunction with museum images makes it possible to revolutionize the visitor experience. By integrating AR into exhibitions, museum paintings can be brought to life. Additional layers of digital information and content can be added on top of the physical paintings.

Importantly, AR with posters is an exciting technology that blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

Case studies:

In 2019, Burger King in Brazil used AR to burn the advertising posters of its competitors. After the digital flames had burned the respective poster, the users received a Whopper voucher as a gift.

BK - Burn That Ad

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