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Do you want to understand and effectively use the possibilities of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the metaverse with your company?

Then let us advise you without obligation. With over 10 years of experience, we are the full-service agency for VR, AR, and 360° video.
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Extended Reality or XR for short is the umbrella term for the immersive media forms Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The term Mixed Reality (MR) is used to refer to a mixed form of AR and VR. Our agency Design4real has been involved in the conception, design and development of these immersive media forms for over 10 years. AR, VR and 360° video are the pioneering technologies of the metaverse. 

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Our services around Extended Reality at a glance

Augmented reality

We are the AR agency for your customized AR application.


No barriers to entry. Augmented reality without an app, directly from the browser.

Virtual Reality

Design4real is the VR agency that realizes your virtual concept ideas with you.

Expert workshops on the subject of XR and Metaverse

XR Technologies are constantly changing. Stay on the ball with our workshops.

Virtual trainings

Virtual reality training simulates tasks where users can practice and improve their skills in a safe environment without the risks of real-world scenarios.

augmented reality

Present products virtually

Give your customers the opportunity to experience your product in 3D real time.

Virtual tours and sightseeing

Send your customers on a 360° virtual journey with our virtual tours.

VR glasses rental

For your VR experience, you can rent the right glasses from us right away.

VR and AR applications for all devices

Whether for VR glasses or for the smartphone or tablet, we develop your app.

360° video productions

With our high-end cameras, we produce 360° videos at the highest level.

Our XR know-how

With Design4real you have the right full-service provider in the XR area at your side! There are plenty of good reasons for this: our first-class technical know-how. Our years of experience in the field of interactive media. But above all, our passion for developing real-time VR-AR and 360° video applications that meet the highest demands today and in the future. 


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German castles in AR Neuschwanstein

Germany Tourism | Castles in AR

AR social media campaign. Experience 3D scans of Neuschwanstein Castle, Charlottenburg Castle and Moritzburg Castle with AR directly at home.

Sennebogen 355e 3D Configurator

Innovative 3D web-based configuration solution for the Sennebogen 355e excavator All features of the construction machine can be viewed and configured in 3D.

Imagine | VR Training

"Imagine" is a VR training for nurses and geriatric nurses to improve their skills in dealing with patients.
Thales 5G WebAR


The web AR application for Thales clearly shows various use cases of 5G. It can also be run on a PC without the AR effect.

Sennebogen VR Tour Bauma 2023

For Sennebogen, Design4real produced an almost 30-minute virtual tour of the company's production facilities in 360° video. 


Design4real developed this VR workshop application with participation of social minorities. Through interactive VR scenarios empathy of the user grows.


Web AR experience showing the advantages of Halder's Simplex hammers compared to ordinary hammers.

ZMC Hotels | Virtual Training

Virtual training for hotel employees of ZMC Hotels. Through several lessons they can test and train their knowledge of the and train their knowledge of the rules of conduct.

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