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Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world without leaving your house? Now you can, with 360-degree virtual tours and reality! Whether for entertainment or business purposes, captivate your audience by offering interactive visits to breathtaking locations. In this blog post, we'll explain what goes into creating such experiences, from understanding the concepts and equipment to marketing.

The most important in a nutshell

  • Explore the world with immersive 360-degree virtual tours created with economical and user-friendly equipment.
  • Choose virtual tour software based on features, compatibility, and pricing for high-definition, quality experiences.
  • Improve the customer experience by sharing customized tours across multiple platforms while increasing sales.

360 degree tours for understanding

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the real estate industry. Virtual 360-degree tours allow users to virtually explore spaces as if they were using a VR headset. Today's technology, which dates back to 1787 when Robert Barker painted his famous cylindrical panorama that could be viewed from the inside, makes it possible to create a realistic experience that saves time and money and avoids unnecessary travel. Real estate agents can showcase properties more effectively by creating virtual tours on platforms such as Klapty or 3d Vista, which allow you to upload photos of your premises and then turn them into captivating presentations accessible via websites or mobile devices. In this way, they offer potential buyers an interactive experience without having to be physically on site.

360°camera ricoh Theta

Types of 360 degree tours

When it comes to virtual tours, there are plenty of options. For example. Video tours, 3D virtual tours for an immersive experience or Google Street View tours with interactive 360 degree views. With special software, multiple images can be stitched together to create a seamless online tour, and 66 % of users prefer short forms like videos over long ones, so they're also incredibly useful in terms of their marketing potential!

To create this type of digital tour, you need to capture high-resolution footage with 360-degree cameras and then upload it to special editing software that allows you to integrate text links, etc., into the multimedia content to provide users with an enticing viewing experience as they explore properties from afar.

Equipment for the creation of 360-degree tours

Creating a 360-degree tour for real estate requires various pieces of equipment, such as 360-degree cameras, DSLRs, and special panoramicTripods. Examples of some popular models of 360° cameras on the market are Ricoh Theta V, Insta360 One R, GoPro Fusion. However, for high-resolution professional 360° video cameras necessary, which are significantly more expensive. Examples of these cameras are the Insta 360 Pro 2, the Kandao Obsidian or the Insta 360 Titan. For successful results when creating this type of experience, it is important to create a shot list before setting your tripod. Make sure all the necessary images have been taken before moving on to the next room. If you realize later that you didn't take enough shots and therefore your audience doesn't understand how the different panoramas are spatially related it's a big problem.

Choosing the right software for virtual tours

When choosing the best virtual tour software, users must consider factors such as compatibility, features, and price. Commonly used programs offer features like setting hotspots and info maps that can be set.


Here is a selection of 360° panorama software on the market

Pano2VRAnother powerful tool for creating interactive 360° panoramas and virtual tours. It offers advanced editing features, customization options and support for various output formats

Tourweaver: A professional software for creating interactive 360° tours.

KuulaThis platform is known for its user-friendliness and offers extensive tools for creating and managing virtual tours. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

3DVistaThis program makes it possible to create interactive 360° virtual tours, including functions for 360° views, 360° videos, 3D sounds as well as customizable layouts and hotspots.

Easypano PanoweaverA software for creating virtual tours that offers various new functions and allows virtual tours to be displayed as HD movies or in HTML5 format for various devices.

Before making a decision, you should visit each website to learn more about the features, pricing, and support options of each software. It can also be helpful to try demo versions or read user reviews.


360° Tour Editors

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Capture stunning panoramic images

There are two ways to take 360° shots: with a panorama tripod or with a 360° camera.

Panoramic tripod

With a panorama tripod, you can use a conventional camera to create 360° shots. To do this, mount the camera on the tripod and align it so that it looks in all directions. You then take a series of individual images, which you then stitch together using software to create a 360° panorama.

360° camera

One 360° camera records 360° images out of the box. All you have to do is set up the camera and start recording. The camera then automatically takes a series of individual images, which it then stitches together to create a 360° panorama.

Tips for good 360° shots

Use a good camera with a high resolution.
Ensure good exposure and sharpness.
Avoid distortion by mounting the camera in the center of the tripod or camera mount.
If you are working with a panorama tripod, take at least 100 individual images for a good result.


Which method is the right one?

The right method depends on your needs and preferences. If you already have a good camera, you can use it with a panorama tripod to create 360° shots. However, if you are looking for a simple solution or want a camera with an integrated 360° mode, you can buy a 360° camera.

Let us advise you.

Are you interested in developing a virtual reality or 360° tour application? You may still have questions about budget and implementation. Feel free to contact me.

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Clarence Dadson CEO Design4real

clarence dadson
clarence dadson

Let us advise you.

Are you interested in developing a virtual reality or 360° tour application? You may still have questions about budget and implementation. Feel free to contact me.

I am looking forward to you

Clarence Dadson CEO Design4real