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The web AR application for Thales clearly shows various use cases of 5G. It can also be run on a PC without the AR effect.

On behalf of the defense and security group Thales, Design4real has developed a fascinating augmented reality application that works equally smoothly on mobile devices and PCs. This groundbreaking application was developed with a focus on maximum scalability, so that it can be used in classic desktop mode without augmented reality support as well as at trade fairs and at the point of sale. In addition, it is possible to experience the application via phones and tablets with augmented reality functionality, with or without image markers.

A notable feature of this application is its versatility. It can be used both with and without an image marker, allowing the Thales sales team to print the QR code on giveaways without compromising the functionality of the application. This approach reflects Design4real's commitment to ease of use and efficiency.

The core content of the application revolves around the exciting world of 5G technology. The challenge for Design4real was to transform Thales' use cases on 5G, which were previously only captured in PowerPoint presentations, into emotional and vivid AR animations. These animations can be placed by an enthusiastic audience in their own environment.

The results of this work are fascinating miniature 3D worlds populated by a variety of animated 3D characters. In total, five different use cases related to 5G technology have been realized, which can be experienced in an impressive way by scanning the QR code with your cell phone. It is undoubtedly an innovative and exciting way to explore and understand the world of 5G technology.

Try the application with pleasure here off:


Thales AR QR Code

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