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Review - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Metaverse - Use and Potentials

Clarence Dadson at the VBW XR Event

Design4real's Managing Director Clarence Dadson spoke as an expert on the topic of Metaverse at the third cooperation event organized by the vbw together with the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital and Extended Reality Bavaria e. V. (XRB) organized.


It was about the economic potentials of applications from the field of Extended Reality (XR) and the applications of Metaverse technology in medium-sized businesses.

Best practice examples on stage and in the XR exhibition

For many, the term metaverse is a rather abstract concept, which makes it all the more important to highlight clear application examples for XR technology for SMEs.

In the stage program, top-class representatives of companies presented their XR solutions. In the accompanying XR exhibition, participants were also able to find out about other possible applications at 16 exhibition booths and try out applications right away.

Legally compliant use of AR and VR in operations

The current vbw study Legal Monitor XR for corporate practice uses concrete examples to show what needs to be taken into account to ensure legally compliant use in the company. It was prepared by Prof. Dirk Heckmann, TUM, who also presented the main contents at the event. The vbw's aim is to encourage companies to try out the technology in their own operations, as vbw CEO Bertram Brossardt explained on the occasion of the study's publication.

Speakers and panelists


  • Christine Völzow, Managing Director and Head of the Economic Policy Department, vbw - Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.
  • Dr. Hans Michael Strepp, Head of Office, Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs
  • Clarence Dadson, Chairman of the Board XRB, Managing Director and Shareholder Design4real, Munich, Germany
  • Christoph Ostler, Deputy Board Extended Reality Bavaria e. V. (XRB), Managing Director Connected Reality, Munich (Moderation)
  • Anna Kopp, CIO, Microsoft Digital Experience Lead Germany, Munich
  • Jannick Hartmann, Enterprise Account Manager, HoloLight GmbH, Ismaning
  • Adrian Indefrey, CFO, craftguide GmbH, Munich
  • Prof. Dirk Heckmann, Chair of Law and Security of Digitalization, Technical University of Munich

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