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Technology trends 2024: VR and AR revolution

tech trends 2024

Apple's bold leap into VR and AR

2024 is a crucial year in the field of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), in which technology giants such as AppleSamsung, Google and Meta will reshape our digital landscape. Apple, traditionally rather secretive, has all been involved with the Vision Pro a high-end VR and AR headset priced at €3500 . This openness from Apple, allowing demos of the headset, signals a significant shift in the company's strategy and a solid commitment to the VR/AR market.

The Vision Pro: a fusion of real and virtual worlds

The Vision Pro is quite expensive, but it's the features that justify the price. The exceptional display quality and external camera functions allow the virtual and real worlds to merge seamlessly. This integration will influence the direction of future smart glasses and makes the Vision Pro a trendsetter for 2024.


Major players and new innovations

2024 is expected to be a year of intense competition and innovation in the VR and AR market. Companies such as Samsung, Sony and Google are preparing to launch their mixed reality devices, which will likely include Google Services. This opens up opportunities for app developers to introduce new concepts and applications and enrich the VR/AR ecosystem.

Meta's quest for innovation

Meta continues to innovate with the Quest 3 and potentially newer versions. Their approach to making VR more accessible through pricing and developer support could catalyze the emergence of new applications and designs for headsets.

The role of AI in VR and AR

AI is another cornerstone of VR/AR development. Its role in interpreting perceptual data and adapting our physical movements to virtual environments is already significant. Generative AI is starting to appear in VR apps, and AR could use AI to retrieve graphical information on the fly. Meta's experiment with Ray-Ban glasses and AI shows the potential of AI to improve object recognition through VR/AR devices.


As we approach 2024, the focus in the AR VR sector is clearly on functionality. It's about what VR and AR can do for us beyond gaming and entertainment. From health and fitness to workplace productivity and intelligent assistance, it's no longer about the potential of VR/AR, but about how it will integrate into and improve our daily lives. As an augmented reality designer, I'm particularly excited to see how these developments will unfold and impact our experiences in both the virtual and physical worlds.


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