Virtual Reality
in Real Estate

Virtual Reality offers immense potential, especially for Luxury Real Estate. Take your customers on a journey through your individual real estate portfolio.

Why Virtual Reality in the field of Real Estate

Real Estate Presentation

Your prospects can experience the properties on offer virtually, regardless of location. Exceed your customers' expectations with a property presentation that does justice to the elegance and exclusivity of your real estate.

Virtual Reality

Design4real are THE experts for Virtual Reality. Well-known companies such as Red Bull, Wacker Chemie, Cabell & Company and the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament are just a few of our customers who successfully use this new marketing tool.

Luxury Real Estate Presentation in Virtual Reality

Several options

Classic film and photography only offer a predefined, static image section. With virtual reality, on the other hand, the viewer can determine the angle of view himself. They literally find themselves in the respective rooms and can let their gaze wander in all directions.

Immersive presentation

This gives them a realistic impression of how impressive the object really is. Virtual reality goggles, such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR, give you the opportunity to immerse your customers completely in the presentation of the object.

With virtual reality, the viewer can
determine the angle of view yourself.


By turning the head, your customers determine for themselves what they want to look at more closely and let the entire spatial display take effect on them.


In addition to the fun that this immersion brings, the viewer experiences his surroundings on an emotional level and thus develops a closer relationship to this property.