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Virtual Reality
in Real Estate

At Design4real, we have been combining industry-leading technologies with innovative design to create outstanding virtual reality experiences for over 10 years. Our expertise in virtual reality allows us to take real estate presentations to a new level. Discover with us how we bring your real estate projects to life through customized VR solutions.

Why Virtual Reality in the field of Real Estate

Your advantages of virtual real estate tours in the real estate sector

Virtual property tours offer a number of advantages for real estate agents and buyers.

VR in Real Estate

For real estate agents

  • Improved customer loyalty: Virtual property tours enable real estate agents to reach their customers even when they are unable to be on site. This can help to improve customer loyalty and increase the chances of a sale.

  • More efficient marketing: Virtual property tours can help to speed up and simplify the marketing of properties. This can save real estate agents time and money.

  • Increased visibility: Virtual property tours can help to increase the visibility of properties. This can lead to more potential buyers becoming aware of the property.
  • Luxury Real Estate Presentation in Virtual Reality

    Several options

    Classic film and photography only offer a predefined, static image section. With virtual reality, on the other hand, the viewer can determine the angle of view himself. They literally find themselves in the respective rooms and can let their gaze wander in all directions.

    Immersive 3D presentation

    This gives them a realistic impression of how impressive the object really is. Virtual reality goggles, such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR, give you the opportunity to immerse your customers completely in the presentation of the object.

    With virtual reality, the viewer can
    determine the angle of view yourself.


    By turning the head, your customers determine for themselves what they want to look at more closely and let the entire spatial display take effect on them.


    In addition to the fun that this immersion brings, the viewer experiences his surroundings on an emotional level and thus develops a closer relationship to this property.