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VR fitness: how virtual reality can help you lose weight

VR fitness

VR fitness: Play your way to your dream figure

VR fitness is more than just a trend - it is an innovative way to motivate people to lead a more active lifestyle. Through interactive games and training environments that take place in virtual worlds, working out becomes an experience. Users can burn calories while jogging through imaginative landscapes or competing against virtual opponents.

A critical look at VR fitness

But how sustainable is VR fitness really? Critics complain that real exercise and social interaction cannot be completely replaced by virtual experiences. The risk of users losing themselves in virtual worlds and losing touch with reality should not be ignored.

The positive aspects of VR fitness

Nevertheless, the benefits of VR fitness are undeniable. It offers an accessible alternative for people who have inhibitions about visiting a gym. It can be a source of motivation and encourage users to exercise regularly. VR fitness has the potential to make losing weight a fun and rewarding experience.

These are the most popular fitness apps in VR

1st Beat Saber

One of the best-known VR games, which also doubles as a fitness app, is Beat Saber. Here, players are equipped with lightsabers to rhythmic beats and have to smash blocks to the beat of the music. It's a cardio workout that not only burns calories, but also improves coordination and reaction time.

2. boxVR

For those who prefer an intense workout, BoxVR is the ideal candidate. This app guides users through a boxing workout that combines punches, dodges and squats to provide a complete full-body workout. With different intensity levels, BoxVR is suitable for beginners through to boxing professionals.

3. supernatural

Supernatural is a VR fitness app that is characterized by its breathtaking landscapes. Users can train in virtual locations around the world and be guided through workouts by professional trainers. The app offers new workouts every day, accompanied by a wide selection of music.

4. FitXR

FitXR feels like a cross between a boxing class and a dance party. This app offers a wide range of workouts, including boxing, cardio dance and HIIT sessions. With social features, you can even work out with friends and motivate each other.

5. holofit

Holofit is an app that targets fitness equipment such as ergometers, rowing machines and cross trainers. Equipped with VR goggles, users can train in exotic environments and turn their everyday routine into an exciting adventure.

6th Dance Central

Dance Central offers comprehensive dance training in VR for all dance enthusiasts. This app combines workout and dance party as users dance choreographies to their favorite hits. It's the perfect way to combine fitness training with fun.


VR fitness apps are more than just a gimmick - they offer realistic ways for people to exercise and stay fit in a way that is both engaging and technologically advanced. With options ranging from rhythmic sword thrusts to virtual boxing, there's something for every fitness enthusiast. Get ready to dance, punch and row your way to a healthier you - all in the world of virtual reality.