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XR Bavaria Meetup in Munich -
Tracking in XR

XR Bavaria Meetup -Tracking in XR

On February 1, 2024, our exciting Meetup on the topic of Body Tracking in Extended Reality (XR) will start at 6:30 p.m. in the SAE Academy in Munich.

Our speakers and topics:

June Hsieh from HTC Vive will provide exciting insights into the latest developments in XR tracking. One focus of her presentation will be how HTC is enabling full-body tracking with the new ultimate tracker. HTC Vive's revolutionary VR tracker for standalone devices. With a VIVE Wireless Dongle, you can connect up to 5 of these trackers and effortlessly bring real-world motion into virtual or mixed reality.


Leif Arne Petersen, founder and CEO of Hologatewill give his presentation "Revolutionizing realities: The future of XR in entertainment and tactical training with HOLOGATE and HGXR". Dive into the evolution of XR technology and discover groundbreaking advances in tracking systems, highlighted by the use of HTC's Ultimate Tracker for full-body tracking. Learn how HOLOGATE and HGXR are breaking new ground in both the entertainment sector and in specialized training programs for law enforcement and the military by combining cutting-edge technology with immersive experiences to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in virtual environments.


Rococo, known for the Smart Suit Pro motion capture suit, will introduce its breakthrough product, the Coil Pro. The Coil Pro extends the capabilities of Rokoko's mocap tools from improved accuracy to prop interaction and multi-actor performances.



Look forward to an evening of expert knowledge and lively discussions. A great opportunity to exchange ideas directly with leading minds in the XR industry and expand your network.

The Meetup is ideal for anyone interested in augmented reality, advanced tracking technologies and their practical applications - whether professionals, students, enthusiasts or simply the curious.

Don't miss this insightful evening where we will explore the latest developments in augmented reality and discover new horizons together. We look forward to your participation and a stimulating exchange!

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