New Pico G3 is here. Strictly for Business!

We had our doubts that there will be a successor for the Pico G2. After all, similar to the old stand-alone headsets like Oculus Go, the G2 does without position tracking. The successor G3 does the same. Position tracking in VR goggles, what is it?? Without position tracking, it is not possible to accurately locate the headset in space; only rotation tracking is possible. In technical language, we speak of 3 DoF (3 Direction of Freedom).

However, position tracking is not necessary for applications like 360° photo and video. The Pico G3 is ideal for such applications. It is an inexpensive alternative to headsets with position tracking, which are available for around €580 for about €399. The G3 is therefore not made for playing Beat Saber on it😊 and is aimed at a business clientele.

The headset offers a resolution of 3,664 x 2,160 pixels. The field of view of the 604-gram headset is quantified at 98 degrees. The refresh rate is specified at 90 Hz, which now corresponds to the standard for VR headsets. However, it is decent for a headset in this price range.

Furthermore, the Pico models are ideal for business applications because of the kiosk mode feature.

Kiosk mode (also known as "single app mode") refers to a special setting that allows configuring the VR to run only one specific application.

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