Augmented Reality

Start your AR journey with Design4real As your augmented reality agency in Munich, we have stood for outstanding AR innovations that will be remembered for over a decade. Our team combines creativity with technology to turn your visions into reality.

Why Augmented Reality?

With augmented reality, our physical and digital reality merge, creating unique experiences and opportunities. Let us introduce you to the exciting application areas of AR that our AR agency covers.

Augmented Reality in the product presentation

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing the way brands communicate with their audience. With the help of our AR agency, you can not only showcase your products, but bring them to life in real-world environments. This allows potential customers to experience products virtually before making a purchase decision, creating a deeper emotional connection.

Augmented Reality in Education & Training

Traditional education is undergoing a redesign through AR. Training and learning modules are being enhanced with interactive AR elements that help learners understand and retain complex concepts more easily. Whether in the classroom or in corporate training, AR promotes active learning and engagement.

Gaming & Entertainment:

AR takes gaming to a whole new level by merging the physical and digital worlds. Players can interact with their environment in real time, resulting in more immersive and exciting gaming experiences. With AR, stories can be told in the real world, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Augmented reality at trade fairs and events

Secure the attention of customers and business partners - at conferences, trade fairs & other events. Thanks to augmented reality development, your vision actually becomes tangible. The right immersive storytelling captivates your audience.

Experience a new dimension of interactivity with WebAR - your bridge between the virtual world and the real. Without any AR app at all! Discover the surprising possibilities of AR directly in your browser, no app downloads, no barriers to entry. Your digital adventure is waiting - and it starts right in your browser.

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Our years of XR Expertise

With Design4real you have the right full service provider in the field of XR and Metaverse at your side! There are plenty of good reasons for this: Our first-class technical know-how. Our years of experience in the field of immersive media. But above all, our passion with which we Augmented Reality Apps and Virtual reality applications develop products that meet the highest standards. 

Customers who trust us:

Our passion
Augmented reality development for highest demands

Design4real is the Augmented Reality agency on the pulse of time and develops AR Apps for all AR platforms, like the Microsoft HoloLens 2 as well as ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android each for Tablet and Smartphone. With passion, first-class technical know-how and more than 10 years of experience, we realize AR projects that meet the highest standards today and in the future.

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