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Welcome to Design4real, your creative agency for innovative 360° video from Munich. For ten years, we have been leading the visual content revolution with our customized 360° video solutions.

In the world of marketing, Design4real is setting new standards with professional 360° videos. Our VR videos open doors to virtual realities that captivate viewers and bring brands to life. Our portfolio includes impressive 360° video projects ranging from virtual tours of tourist attractions to tours of industrial announcements. By using 360° videos, we enable brands to inspire their customers with interactive and immersive experiences. Our VR videos are not just visual narratives - they are innovative tools to increase engagement and reinforce your brand's message. With every 360° video we produce, we harness the power of virtual reality to tell stories with an all-round viewing experience. Design4real stands for quality and innovation in 360° video and VR video production. Let us

Some possible applications at a glance

360-degree videos and VR movies: Leveraging the future of visual storytelling for your business.

Why a 360° video from Design4real?

New perspectives

With the 360° video the cinematic perspectives change. The viewer is no longer externally determined, but can make his own own image section define with determination of its viewing direction. Everything that happens around the camera becomes visible - in a 360° angle.

The freedom of choice

As before, a 360° video for the viewer an experience - he is in the center and can see in all directions - as if you were really there. The freedom of choice to determine the viewing angle in the 360° video creates this impression.

Real life feeling

The medium is intuitive and easy to understandbecause it serves the natural reception and experience patterns of humans. It is also closer to real life than computer-generated 360° environments. Thus, it is also widely accepted by the more conservative users who are mainly used to classic screen experiences.

Diverse experience

The 360° video format is very suitable for interactive tours or impressively vivid Panorama-Destination shots. But also Events, concerts and music videos become an extraordinary experience in 360°. With a 360° video, the distance between the screen and the viewer can be overcome by placing the audience in the middle of the experience, making them part of the action. No other medium can offer such an intense experience.

Why a 360° video from Design4Real?

How does that actually work?

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360° video workflow

Why choose Design4real?

Your possibilities with your 360° video

There are many different possibilities in the 360° video production - No matter whether you decide on an interactive image film, an innovative advertising film or a warehouse roller coaster. We implement your idea for you. Captivate your target group and use 360° video for your communication purposes. We will be happy to advise you!

360° videos and images offer a wide range of applications in various fields:

The 360 degree technology has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years and now offers a wide range of uses to create immersive experiences in the Virtual reality (VR) create. Design4real offers its customers innovative solutions for different industries.

360° videos not only offer an immersive experience on VR goggles, but are also accessible on popular devices such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets. This versatility makes it possible to reach a wider audience and expand the customer base.

360° Paraglider

Tourism and travel:

360 degree videos and 360 degree images have taken on a significant role in tourism and travel. They allow travelers to explore destinations, hotels and activities in an immersive and informative way before planning or booking their trips. This technology provides a realistic preview of travel experiences, promotes inspiration and facilitates decision-making.
At the same time, it contributes to safety, accessibility, and the ability to participate in events and festivals without having to be physically present. 360 degree content enrich the travel planning and experience and increase travelers' confidence in their decisions as they explore the world virtually.

Marketing and advertising:

Marketing and advertising benefit significantly from the integration of 360-degree videos. These innovative mediums enable brands to immerse customers more deeply into their products and services by providing immersive experiences that put customers directly into the action or benefit of the offer. Through the interactivity of VR videos brands can strengthen the bond with their target groups and generate an impressive level of engagement.

360 degree real estate, house VR

Real estate:

The use of 360 degree videos and 360 degree images in the real estate industry offers potential buyers or tenants not only the opportunity to virtually explore premises, but also to take a closer look at details and intricacies in a property. In addition, 360° degree images allow for a static, yet immersive experience where prospective buyers are able to look around and take a closer look at important aspects of the property.

Virtual Reality Tours represent another level of real estate presentation. They offer users the opportunity to move through a property in real time and interactively. As they move through the space, they can better understand not only the architecture, but also the layout and atmosphere. This is especially beneficial for prospective buyers who are in a far-flung region but still want to develop a comprehensive feel for the property before arranging a physical tour. Overall, the integration of 360 degree videos, images and VR tours into real estate marketing a deeper and more comprehensive real estate experience for potential buyers and tenants.

Education and Training:

360 degree videos and 360 degree images are extremely useful in the education and training world. They allow learners to immerse themselves in immersive environments and better understand complex concepts. For example, in the field of mechanical engineering, they can be used to illustrate complex machinery and production processes. Learners can virtually immerse themselves in a factory floor to experience first-hand how machines and manufacturing equipment work.

While architecture students have the opportunity to virtually walk through historic buildings to deepen their knowledge of architectural history. This technology enriches learning by replicating real-world scenarios and promoting understanding and practical application of knowledge.

Virtual realty museum, 360 degree video

Art and culture:

Cultural institutions are using 360-degree video technology to create virtual museum and gallery experiences.

360-degree videos and 360-degree images can be used to create immersive virtual museum and gallery experiences. This technology allows people around the world to experience art and culture through a VR goggles in impressive detail, regardless of their physical location.

Museums, for example, can be a 360 degree video use to offer a virtual tour of their exhibition.

Medicine and healthcare:

In the field of medicine and healthcare, 360-degree images and 360-degree videos not only serve as a support for planning operations and patient education, but also have a decisive influence on the presentation of medical modes of action.

A 360 degree video enables complex processes to be visualized at the cellular and molecular level to illustrate the effectiveness of drugs and therapeutic procedures. Additionally open 360 degree visualizations the possibility of determining the course of a disease in the body with the help of impressive 3D animations to present. This offers physicians and patients an even deeper insight into pathologies and healing processes, and contributes to a better understanding of medical procedures.

Events and entertainment:

360-degree videos have a revolutionary impact in the field of events and entertainment. They make it possible to experience concerts, sporting events and other events from different angles and create an immersive experience that puts viewers right in the middle of the action.

Whether using VR goggles or via common devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets, 360-degree video opens up a wide range of creative possibilities for event streaming and interactive experiences that transform the way people enjoy entertainment.

Design4real is happy to help you implement all these use cases for 360 degree videos and 360 degree images. We'll help you expand your visual content and captivate your audience in ways they've never experienced before. Discover the many possibilities of 360° degrees content and increase your success in visual communication!