Augmented reality

AUGMENTED REALITY means more than just placing virtual objects in space. Discover the possibilities to present your products and services in a completely new way and inspire your customers. We help you revolutionize your marketing strategy and create a unique, interactive experience for your target group by using augmented reality technology. 



Marketing is Change. Marketing is Virtual.

Your possibilities for AR in marketing are immense. Show your customers your product range via AR technology. This is how it works: You give your consumers the opportunity to project your products onto the life camera of their smartphone or tablet. When the user looks at the display of their mobile device, the new sofa is already virtually in their living room - in a 360° view. In this way, customers can view and configure products of all kinds in advance, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision. They no longer need a specially programmed app to do this. This is also possible by means of WebAR technology simply already via the web browser directly on the cell phone or tablet.

Product visualization

A key area where augmented reality is being used in marketing is product visualization. Companies like IKEA use this technology to give customers a realistic picture of how their products might look in their own homes. With an AR application, customers can select a piece of furniture and virtually place it in their space. Not only does this provide a better idea of the size, design and color of the product, but it also helps to avoid bad purchases and improve the overall shopping experience.

Augmented Reality Poduct Packaging

AR can help brands turn their product packaging into interactive platforms for customer experiences. By scanning the packaging with an AR app, customers can access a wealth of additional information about the product, find application instructions, or even play interactive games related to the product.

Catalogs with Augmented Reality Integration

AR can be used to enhance traditional catalogs. Customers can scan the pages of a catalog with an augmented reality app and see and interact with 3D models of the products. This can provide a deeper understanding of the product and increase purchase intent.

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Improving the customer experience. Increase brand awareness. Strengthening customer loyalty. Open up new sales channels.

  • Product presentations: Demonstrate products in a realistic and interactive way.


  • Event marketing: Create a unique experience for your target audience through AR-based advertising.


  • Print media: Enrich magazines, flyers and catalogs with interactive AR elements.


  • Out-of-home advertising: Transform streets, storefronts, or public spaces into interactive AR experiences.


  • Increase customer loyalty: A unique and interactive AR experience can strengthen customer loyalty.


  • Improve sales opportunities: AR-based product presentations can promote the sale of products. The potential buyer can virtually configure the product and place it already in his environment, thus facilitating the sales decision.


  • Brand awareness improved: Creating unique and interactive AR experiences can strengthen brand awareness.

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