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Augmented reality Marketing

Augmented reality means more than just placing virtual objects in space. Discover the possibilities of using augmented reality marketing to present your products and services in a completely new way and inspire your customers. We can help you revolutionize your marketing strategy and create a unique, interactive experience for your target group on the Internet via apps or social media by using augmented reality technology.

Augmented Reality Marketing

Opportunities for AR in marketing

Groundbreaking augmented reality technology is opening up new horizons for brands and consumers alike by creating an interactive, immersive experience that goes far beyond traditional advertising formats. From personalized 3D product previews to interactive advertising campaigns, augmented reality is revolutionizing how we discover, experience and ultimately purchase products. Join us on this journey of discovery to learn about the exciting opportunities AR marketing offers brands in this digitally augmented reality.

Digitally supported billboard advertising

WebAR, or web-based augmented reality, offers a refreshing twist on traditional billboard advertising. By combining physical posters with digital enhancements, WebAR enables an interactive and immersive experience for the viewer. 

Product packaging with AR

AR can help brands turn their product packaging into interactive platforms for customer experiences. By scanning the packaging with an AR app, customers can access a wealth of additional information about the product, find application instructions, or even play interactive games related to the product.

Upgrading magazines with WebAR

AR can be used to enhance traditional catalogs. Customers can scan the pages of a catalog with an augmented reality app or QR code and see 3D models of the products and interact with them. This can enable a deeper understanding of the product and increase the willingness to buy.

E-commerce with augmented reality

Give customers the ability to view any product as a digital twin, in 3D, in their own environment. The products can also be customized in real time or play animations, giving the customer an idea of the possibilities to personalize products.

AR portals, mini-games and virtual scavenger hunts

By combining AR and gamification, developers and designers can create immersive and entertaining game experiences in the real world.

One key area in which augmented reality is used in marketing is product visualization. Companies such as IKEA use this technology to give customers shopping online a realistic picture of what their products could look like in their own home. With an AR application, customers can select a piece of furniture and place it virtually in their room. This not only provides a better idea of the size, design and color of the product, but also helps to avoid mispurchases and improve the overall shopping experience.

Marketing is Change. Marketing is virtual.

The possibilities for augmented reality marketing are immense. Show your customers your product range using AR technology. It works like this: you give your consumers the opportunity to project your products onto the live camera of their smartphone or tablet. If the user looks at the display of their mobile device, the new sofa is already virtually in their living room - in a 360° view. Customers can use augmented reality to view and configure products of all kinds in advance, making it easier for them to decide what to buy. They don't necessarily need a specially programmed app for this. This is also possible using WebAR technology simply already via the web browser directly on the cell phone or tablet.

The paradigm shift

With a market value expected to reach $88.4 billion by 2026, augmented reality is more than just a trend - it's a revolution. At Design4real, we have developed AR marketing campaigns that not only transform the customer experience, but also the way brands tell their stories and present their products. Augmented reality enables companies and customers to communicate in a new way.

Our AR marketing solutions

At Design4Real, we go beyond conceptualization; we are architects of immersive experiences. We use augmented reality to create customer-centric, interactive and shareable digital content that can be experienced in real time via mobile or wearable devices. 

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Improving the customer experience. Increase brand awareness. Strengthening customer loyalty. Open up new sales channels.

  • Product presentations: Demonstrate products in a realistic and interactive way.


  • Event marketing: Create a unique experience for your target audience through AR-based advertising.


  • Print media: Enrich magazines, flyers and catalogs with interactive AR elements.


  • Out-of-home advertising: Transform streets, storefronts, or public spaces into interactive AR experiences.


  • Increase customer loyalty: A unique and interactive AR experience can strengthen customer loyalty.


  • Improve sales opportunities: AR-based product presentations can promote the sale of products. The potential buyer can virtually configure the product and place it already in his environment, thus facilitating the sales decision.


  • Brand awareness improved: Creating unique and interactive AR experiences can strengthen brand awareness.

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