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Inspire your customers with virtual reality and augmented reality objects and installations at events and trade fairs. We provide the special highlight at your trade fair stand. Give us a call and find out what is possible with virtual reality at trade fairs. Design4Real is an agency that specializes in the development and implementation of VR and AR solutions for events and trade fairs. We offer you a comprehensive range of services, from consulting and conception to implementation and support.


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Design4real VR Event offers

Virtual reality glasses and hardware rental:

If you don't want to purchase your own equipment for your VR event, we can offer you an elegant solution. Our rental range includes state-of-the-art VR goggles and hardware that promise your guests an unparalleled immersive experience. Whether for intimate meetings or large-scale events, our selection of first-class equipment will meet your every need and requirement with style and efficiency.

Trade fair and event VR on-site support:

We make sure everything runs smoothly. Our professional team provides on-site support to ensure your VR experience is immersive and trouble-free. From set-up to support during the event - we're here for you.

Creation of custom VR content for trade fairs:

Stand out from the crowd! Our Design4real Virtual Reality creative team develops customized VR content tailored specifically to your brand, your guests and your event. From interactive product presentations and multi-user metaverses to virtual tours, we bring your vision to virtual reality.

Fascination Virtual Reality
at trade fairs
and events

The event industry benefits from this in particular, as the possibilities for customers are almost limitless and the experience is breathtakingly realistic. New "VR arcades" are opening every day around the world, offering their guests a unique VR event location to immerse themselves in virtual experiences together. We focus on finding the best trends in these VR arcades for your VR event and offering them as mobile solutions for your events and trade fairs. Because the possibilities of this still young technology are already very diverse:
Participants can work together to pilot space stations, compete in mini-games, solve puzzles, escape from virtual escape rooms, become pilots, or even experience tried-and-true game mechanics like foosball in a whole new way.

Our VR offers for trade fairs and events

Since we are focusing on multiplayer experiences with four or more users in addition to single-player, completely new team-building worlds also present themselves, in which only skillful action as a team can lead to success.
But the benefits go even further: At trade shows, you can incidentally attract customers from afar with eye-catching VR setups, and product demonstrations are elevated to a new, previously unattainable level. For 10 years, we have been working closely with the most experienced supplier "Virtual Industries" in the field of virtual reality trade fair installations in Germany Virtual Industries together.
Our enthusiasm for this technology began more than 10 years ago, when we supported the first events with early prototypes of the VR glasses available today. Even back then, we were blown away by the idea of what new experiences and applications were in store for us. With such activities we found our place in the VR community very early and built a stable and fast growing network to many manufacturers of our entertainment systems, VR software companies and VR freelancers.

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Years of experience with VR events

For years, we have thus established contacts from which you and your customers can now benefit: Today, we offer you the opportunity to help design or redesign the entertainment systems yourself. Such as VR environments

brand with your logo, develop new worlds, game characters or even your own Experiences. Simply contact us with any inquiries - we will be happy to advise you individually! Our mission is to always offer our customers the best and latest VR attractions and trends.  Above all, it is important to us to be able to offer you a complete service: Free initial consultation, concept development for events and trade fair stands, complete and dismantling as well as professional on-site support for the experience - with us you get everything from a single source for your event. Thanks to a large number of reliable event partners and a constantly growing team of freelancers, even larger projects are no problem.

Our portfolio of VR attractions

Here you can find the overview of virtual reality installation attractions that we can offer for your event together with our partner company Virtual Industies.

In the ever-advancing world of technology, trade show events have always felt the pressure to keep up with the latest innovations. Virtual Reality (VR) today opens the doors to a whole new way of experiencing products and services.

Here are just the advantages that VR brings to the trade fair sector:

Use of VR at trade fair stands: A new dimension of presentation

The digital revolution has drastically changed the way companies present their products and services. One of the most exciting tools in this digital age is virtual reality (VR). Especially at trade shows, VR has the potential to transform the visitor experience and bring brands to the forefront.

Creating unforgettable experiences

Trade show booths are always competing for visitors' attention. By using VR, companies can offer immersive experiences that go far beyond traditional presentations or product demos. A potential customer, for example, can not only view a new car model from the outside, but thanks to VR "get right into" the vehicle and take a test drive in a virtual environment.

Present complex information in an understandable way

Especially for technically sophisticated products or services, VR can be an enrichment. Complex machines, construction projects or even scientific concepts can be visualized in a virtual environment and interactively explored by trade show visitors. This facilitates understanding and promotes dialog between supplier and prospective customer.

Space saving product presentation

Presenting large products or machines physically at a trade show can create logistical challenges and high costs. With VR, such products can be displayed in full size and function without actually having to be on site.

Global reach

The use of VR at trade show booths can also reach people who cannot physically attend the trade show. A virtual trade show booth can be visited by interested parties from all over the world, which significantly increases the reach and impact of a company.

Sustainability and adaptability

Another advantage of using VR at trade shows is the possibility of multiple uses and adaptations. VR content created once can be adapted and reused for different trade shows and events, which is not only cost-efficient but also environmentally friendly.


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