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Virtual reality is a technology with an enormously diverse range of applications - be it in market research, in lifelike training simulations or in emotional product presentations that bring virtual worlds to life and make them emotionally tangible. We specialize in the use of virtual reality (VR) for marketing and help your company to take your brand presence to a new level. With our expertise and passion for virtual reality marketing, we create immersive experiences that inspire your target group and leave lasting impressions.

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Fascination Virtual Reality

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Software and hardware in the VR field continue to develop at great speed. We stay on the ball and advise you competently on the implementation of your ideas and concepts in virtual reality. We make sure that your projects are developed futureproof and still look good on the VR glasses of the next generation.

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The versatility of
Virtual Reality (VR) in marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a formidable tool in marketing, offering companies the ability to create innovative and immersive experiences for their customers. Design4real, your VR Agency, presents a wide range of use cases for virtual reality in marketing:

Product presentations:

Virtual Reality Marketing opens up completely new horizons for product presentations. In a realistic 3D environment, it allows customers to view products from different angles and explore them interactively.

Thanks to VR technology, customers can, for example, open products, exchange parts or test functions, which leads to a deeper understanding and an increased purchase decision. This immersive presentation method not only takes the shopping experience to a new level, but also impressively demonstrates the innovative possibilities of VR marketing to convince customers of the quality and features of a product even before they actually hold it in their hands.


360 degree video advertising:

By using virtual reality to create 360 degree displays you can get customers, through the VR Glasses immerse you in an immersive environment and convey your brand message in a unique way in virtual reality. This innovative technology makes it possible to present products and services in a realistic context, which helps deepen the understanding and perception of your brand. In addition, the active involvement of customers, in VR marketing, in the advertising experience leads to a more lasting memory and engagement. Also Online marketing is possible, offer the viewer the possibility of 360° videos also on Smartphone, tablet and PC to experience.

VR Marketing real estate

Real Estate Marketing

Offer, with the help of virtual reality marketing, potential buyers the opportunity to view properties in virtual reality. This saves time and allows customers to explore homes or apartments in different styles, which is an innovative form of VR marketing. The Virtual reality allows you to present your real estate offer in an outstanding way and impress potential buyers. For example, offer your customers Virtual tours an.

Fairs and events:

The integration of VR into trade fairs and events opens up the possibility to show attendees from all over the world in a realistic virtual reality together. This will allow not only to attend lectures and visit booths, but also to immersive experience, to actually try out products, which significantly increases the value and reach of events. Virtual reality makes it possible to overcome physical distances and take interactions at trade shows and conferences to a new, impressive level. Thus, it becomes possible to experience a particularly VR experience through the use of VR, in the virtual world.

Event ideas for virtual and augmented reality

Interactive Storytelling:

Tell stories around your brand in a Virtual reality environment. Customers can actively participate in the action and thus build a deeper bond with the brand.

Interactive storytelling in a VR environment opens up a fascinating opportunity to engage customers in an immersive brand experience. With virtual reality marketing, you can not only tell stories around your brand, but also create an interactive adventure where customers can make decisions and influence the action. This unique experience allows customers to connect emotionally with the brand and experience it in a whole new way that stays with them for a long time.

Test drives, product samples and product configurators:

In industries like automotive, virtual reality marketing is relevant. Customers can use virtual reality to test drive or sample products without leaving home. At the same time virtual Product configurators customers to customize and visualize products in real time before placing an order. These use cases provide customers with an interactive and personalized experience that supports purchase decisions and enriches the shopping experience.

VR-based branding and events:

Integrating VR marketing into brand events and activations opens up new dimensions for attendee experience. Use virtual reality devices to create memorable moments where attendees can experience your brand firsthand. This not only creates lasting impressions, but also fosters a deeper connection with the brand that extends beyond the event.

Design4real is happy to assist you in implementing all of these virtual reality use cases in the marketing space. We'll help you expand your marketing strategies and engage customers in ways they've never experienced before. Discover the possibilities of VR and increase your marketing success!

Also AR Marketing is in trend, use VR and AR or Mixed Reality to enhance your marketing strategy.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two emerging technologies that are gaining traction in the marketing space. Overall, in the marketing space, VR and AR offer an opportunity to increase customer engagement, enhance the brand experience, and present products in an engaging way. Companies that use these technologies skillfully can stand out from the competition and develop innovative marketing campaigns that attract customers' attention and interest.

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