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360° video in tourism

In a world where digital innovation is the order of the day, finding new ways to make your destinations and offers stand out is crucial. At Design4real, we are experts in using the latest technologies to revolutionize travel marketing. 360° videos in tourism are a key tool here, allowing you to engage with potential guests in a whole new way.

Travel in 360° video: An all-round view of your next travel experience

360° video takes you on a virtual journey like no other. It offers you the opportunity to view vacation destinations from different perspectives, pique your curiosity and transport you to a world where you are in control of your point of view. This immersive experience revolutionizes how destinations can be presented and explored.

Immersive travel preparation

Imagine being able to explore your vacation destination before you even pack your bags. 360° videos allow you to do just that. Travel agencies and tourism organizations are using this technology to offer potential guests an immersive experience of their vacation destination. From virtual tours of hotels to breathtaking panoramic views of landmarks, 360° videos help build anticipation for the trip and make informed decisions.

Increase your booking opportunities with 360° videos

Discover how 360° videos can help your hotel or resort to increase bookings. By using this innovative technology, you can offer your potential guests an authentic and impressive image of your facilities. With 360° videos, your guests can take virtual tours of rooms, restaurants and spas before they arrive, providing a realistic experience of your facility. This preview helps build trust in your offerings and encourages guests to book with you. See how 360° videos enrich the booking experience and create a solid foundation for satisfied guests and successful stays.

Marketing tool with the wow factor

In a world where visual content is king, 360° videos offer a new dimension to marketing strategies. Not only are they eye-catching and memorable, but they also make it possible to build emotional connections with potential customers. Stories come to life and places become experiences before they are physically visited.

Our 7 years Experience in 360° video

At Design4real, we bring your tourism offer to life - with the revolutionary power of 360° video technology. But we offer you even more. Thanks to our experience with virtual reality and augmented reality, our 360° films become interactive experiences.

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