WebAR - Augmented Reality
This is how it works

AUGMENTED REALITY means more than just placing virtual game pieces in space. Your possibilities are limitless. Show your customers your product range via AR technology.

Web AR is short for "Web-based Augmented Reality" and is a technology that does not require a mobile application to function. After the user:s scanned in a QR code or clicked a link, using the mobile web browser to launch AR experiences directly from smartphone or tablet. This accessible user experience is one of the main reasons why WebAR experiences are becoming increasingly popular in the web browser.

In this way, customers can view products of all kinds in advance, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision. AR without any app download from Play Store or App Store, simply directly in the browser of the smartphone.

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Advantages of WebAR

Completely without app

WebAR applications are browser-based, eliminating the need for annoying app downloads.

Easy to share

Using a QR code or link, the application can be easily shared with your audience.

Long range

WebAR is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

With or without marker

3D models and videos can be placed freely in the room or on a picture motif.

Simply update

AR applications can be updated quickly and conveniently via the Internet.

No App Store necessary

The costs for the App Store are eliminated. Customers get to the application without detours.

What are particularly popular
Use cases for WebAR?

There are numerous possible applications for WebAR technology.
A selection of some popular applications include:
AR Wallpaper

WebAR, or web-based augmented reality, offers a refreshing twist on traditional billboard advertising. By combining physical billboards with digital augmentations, WebAR provides an interactive and immersive experience for the viewer. Here are some notes about billboard advertising with WebAR.


A product packaging with Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative way to impress customers with an interactive and engaging experience. AR enables digital content to be projected onto physical objects when viewed through an AR-enabled smartphone or tablet camera.

AR -E- Commerce

Give customers the ability to view any product as a digital twin, in 3D, in their own environment. The products can also be customized in real time or play animations, giving the customer an idea of the possibilities to personalize products.

augmented reality

WebAR offers numerous opportunities to transform traditional media such as magazines and business cards into interactive experiences. Simply , place a QR code on the print media that takes customers directly to the AR experience.

AR Catalogs

Launch your WebAR experience via social media, email marketing, or directly from your website. Via a link or directly embedded, your customers can reach the application easily and quickly.

Gamification AR

WebAR can also be used to create mini-games that users can play directly in their browser. These games use the real world as a stage and add digital elements to create an interactive experience. Provide your audience with immersive experiences, customized for your brand. Use elements like gamification to engage customers and drive valuable actions.