Augmented Reality - Print Marketing

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Augmented Reality - Print Marketing

Print marketing with AR is a creative and innovative way to combine traditional print media with interactive digital content. Through the integration of Augmented reality in print media, companies and brands can create a more vibrant and engaging experience for their target audience.

Here are some examples of how AR can be used in print marketing:

1. AR in magazines and newspapers:

Publishers can place AR markers or QR codes in their printed magazines or newspapers. When readers scan these with their smartphones, they can access additional content such as videos, image galleries, interactive infographics, or exclusive articles.

2. AR in brochures and flyers:

Companies can use AR in printed advertising brochures and flyers to present their products or services in an interactive way. For example, customers could see product animations or immerse themselves in virtual worlds that represent the company.

3. AR on business cards:

Business people could add AR markers to their business cards that link directly to their website, social media profiles, or product presentations. This can create a memorable first encounter with potential customers.

4. AR in catalogs:

Product catalogs can be augmented by AR to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience. By scanning QR codes, for example, customers could see 3D models of the products or watch videos with product demonstrations.

5. AR in postcards and greeting cards:

Postcards or greeting cards could be enhanced with AR effects to deliver personal messages, animations, or video messages.


Case studies:

With 20 years of experience, Torsten Fell is a well-known and experienced expert in the field of Extended Reality and Metaverse. Therefore, when people scan the QR code on his card, he presents himself as an AR avatar and tells them what his offers include. Design4real has created a Web AR application for him. Via the "AR Cube", users can learn about the possibilities of VR and AR via Web-AR. In one part of it he explains "VR Collaboration". Feel free to try out the application yourself, scan the QR code and experience Web-AR:

The "AR Cube" by Torsten Fell


Are you interested?

Integrating AR into print marketing allows companies to engage their target audience in new and fun ways and enrich the customer experience. It also promotes customer loyalty and can help a brand to be remembered. However, it is important that the AR experience is well implemented and offers real added value for the target group so that it is not perceived as a mere gimmick.

As an augmented reality agency, we, at Design4real, can advise you extensively. We can create a customized AR solution for your print media.

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