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Augmented reality (AR) has seen rapid development in recent years and has become an integral part of modern everyday life. This innovative technology is enriching the customer experience in retail, revolutionizing the education sector, changing the entertainment industry and showing its potential in numerous other areas. In this upheaval, the Munich-based company Design4real accompanies companies and offers customized AR solutions that are not only innovative but also practically relevant.

Design4real: The leading augmented reality agency

Design4real, headquartered in the heart of Munich, has established itself as one of the leading players in AR development in Germany over the past ten years. With in-depth expertise and 10 years of experience, the company sets new standards in the world of augmented reality. Design4real's expertise makes it possible to implement AR projects at the highest level and impress with cutting-edge processes.

The agency works with renowned platforms such as Unity, Unreal and WebAR, and uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to develop custom AR applications. Thanks to this expertise, Design4real can offer both technically and visually impressive solutions.

Possible applications of augmented reality

The range of projects Design4real has worked on so far speaks for itself. Whether in retail, education, entertainment or other industries - the agency always has a suitable AR solution ready.

Augmented reality in product presentation

One of the practical applications of AR is product presentation. With AR applications from Design4real, products can be presented in virtual reality in a new and innovative way. By integrating 3D models and animations into the real world using AR glasses or smartphone camera, customers can experience and understand products in a completely new way. This interactive presentation enables customers to obtain additional information directly at the object and make informed purchasing decisions.

Augmented reality for industrial applications

Augmented reality also offers many possibilities in the industrial sector. With AR, efficient work on virtual models can be enabled, immersive employee training can be carried out, and additional information can be provided to assist with complex tasks. The practical applications of AR in industry create real added value for the end user in their reality.

Augmented reality for events and trade fairs

AR can also be used at events such as conventions, trade shows and other events to attract the attention of customers and business partners. Thanks to the development of AR applications by Design4real, your vision actually becomes tangible in reality. With the right immersive storytelling, you will captivate your audience and create an unforgettable experience.

WebAR - Augmented Reality directly in the browser

Design4real also offers WebAR solutions. With WebAR you can experience a new dimension of interactivity - your bridge between the virtual world and the real world. Thanks to WebAR, surprising AR experiences can be enabled directly in the browser of your smartphone or computer without app downloads and barriers to entry. Your digital adventure is waiting - and it starts right in your browser.

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