Product presentations

Make your product a virtual experience for your customers! Whether in VR or AR or both technologies. We will be happy to advise you and put your project into practice.


Industry 4.0


Areas of application virtual product presentations

Your product range consists of machines and systems that are difficult to transport and can only be presented in a limited way? Perhaps you are simply looking for a new, interactive and innovative form of presentation. Do you sell products that require explanation, which on the one hand are technologically very complex and on the other hand are difficult for your customers to see? Or do you want to reach your customers 24/7 without being bound to fixed opening hours? You have a prototype that has not yet reached market maturity, but you still want to present it?

Make your product a virtual experience for your customers! We will be happy to advise you and put your project into practice.

Application example:
The Sennebogen Product Configurator 355e

The Spectrum of Virtual Realities

How to present your product optimally
Your virtual possibilities

Augmented reality

◉ Products are projected into the real world
◉ Targeted insertion of context-sensitive information
◉ The audience is not isolated from reality
◉ Runs not only on glasses but also on smartphones and tablets
◉ Diverse interaction options
◉ Distribution via App Store and Play Store possible

Virtual Reality Via
Realtime Engine

◉ Products become tangible and alive
◉ Abducts the audience into a virtual world
◉ Gamification
◉ Fully walk-through VR experience
◉ Diverse interaction options


◉ Filming of the real existing product / service
◉ Is most similar to the medium of film
◉ Fast & cost-effective solution in the VR area
◉ Distribution via social media such as Facebook and YouTube
◉ Linear storyline, little opportunity for interaction
◉ Runs on mobile headsets and cardboard glasses (Cardboards)

3D rendering
from CAD Model

◉ Real-time rendering based on a CAD model
◉ Fully walk-through VR experience
◉ Many interaction options

An end to isolated solutions. We master the complete keyboard of immersive media solutions. That's why, thanks to intermedia synergies, we can scale your project across multiple media to reach a wider audience.
About AR, VR, Tablet & Web

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