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Extended Reality (XR): Use and potentials | Event in Munich

"Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Metaverse - Uses and Potentials."

On Wednesday the 26.7.2023 takes place in Munich the event "Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Metaverse - Use and Potentials" held.
Together with the vbw - Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V., and the Bavarian Digital Ministry, we will show you how XR, and in perspective also the Metaverse, can be used in the company. In addition, we will shed light on the legal framework for practical application. On site, some of our XR Bavaria members. Register now and be part of it.

Many VR and AR companies from Munich and the surrounding area will also be exhibiting:
craftguide, Hololight, VRdirect - The VR Solution for Business, MagicHorizons, ConnectedReality, Universität der Bundeswehr München,
LMU/ University, StellDirVor, ScanReality, BrückenBauen gUG, straightlabs GmbH & Co. KG, AR-Experts GmbH

Also, Clarence Dadson (executive director of Design4Real) will be appointed in his role as a member of the Board of XR-Bavaria give a presentation on the metaverse (Metaverse - engine of digital transformation? Outlook with practical example).

Following the lectures, there will be an exhibition with practical examples, where the participants themselves will have the opportunity to participate and experiment on site and ask questions to the experts.


What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual, three-dimensional spatial concept. It merges physical and digital reality to enable immersive and interactive experiences. In the context of XR technology, the Metaverse opens new horizons for immersive and interactive experiences. It enables users to move around in an augmented reality. Virtual worlds can be explored through XR devices such as AR glasses or VR headsets. The Metaverse seamlessly integrates XR applications and extends them through social interactions, collaborative work, and digital content sharing. This combination of XR technology and the Metaverse opens up exciting possibilities in areas such as virtual events, education, entertainment, online shopping and more. Companies are working to realize this visionary fusion of XR and the Metaverse to create innovative solutions for the future.

What potential does XR technology offer?

Even in a constantly changing economic world, Extended Reality (XR) retains a special position and is considered one of the leading high-tech applications. In Bavaria, XR is becoming increasingly important. It has a significant impact on the future viability of the local economy. The use of XR extends across various industries. Especially in Munich, the emerging capital of high-tech development in Bavaria, XR is becoming increasingly important. The thriving XR scene in Munich is attracting companies from a variety of industries. Many have already recognized the enormous potential of this cross-sectional technology.

One of the most remarkable features of XR is the expansion of the field of view for users. By merging physical and digital reality, XR enables an immersive experience where information and data are integrated into the real environment in real time. This not only gives users an enhanced view of the world around them, but also access to valuable additional information. This can significantly improve their interactions and decision-making processes.

This ability to obtain additional information in real time is invaluable for companies that need to manage complex operations and processes in the real world. With XR, these challenges can be met faster and more efficiently by enabling employees to better prepare for complex tasks and situations. Errors can be minimized and innovative approaches to solutions can be developed more quickly, resulting in a clear competitive advantage.

Efficient training through XR: Potential for companies in Bavaria

In addition to increasing efficiency, XR also offers new opportunities in the area of training and education. Through immersive simulations, employees can gain realistic experience and prepare for future challenges in a safe environment. This leads to an increase in the competence and flexibility of the workforce and supports the adaptability of companies to changing market conditions.

Promoting XR in the Bavarian economy is thus crucial to driving technological progress and strengthening the innovative power of companies. By recognizing and exploiting the opportunities offered by XR, companies can consolidate their competitive position while preparing for the challenges ahead. It is clear that Extended Reality plays a key role in shaping a successful and sustainable economy.

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