The 5 best VR headsets for gaming

Not that we have much time to play... but if we ever do, these are our favorite virtual reality headsets.

  1. Oculus Quest 2Meta Quest 2

    The Oculus Quest 2 is an all-in-one VR headset with impressive performance and mobility. It offers wireless gameplay, high-quality graphics, and a wide selection of games. With its high resolution and 90 Hz display, it offers an immersive gaming experience. The Quest has arguably the largest game catalog of any headset, making it our #1 choice.

    • Resolution: 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye
    • Frame rate: Up to 90 Hz
    • Tracking: Inside-Out Tracking (Oculus Insight)
  1. Quest Prometa-quest-pro

    The Quest Pro is a higher-priced version of the Meta Quest, which features more modern pancake lenses and delivers more ergonomics and image quality overall than its predecessor, the Quest 2. Personally, I find the Quest Pro headset a bit too expensive purely for gaming. I would wait for the Quest 3 here.

    • LCD 1800 x 1920 per eye
    • Frame rate: 90 Hz
    • Tracking: Inside-Out Tracking
  2. Pico4

    The Pico 4 is a solid headset for gaming with advanced, low-profile pancakelenses. The game catalog is also impressive. The Pico 4 also works solidly in Link mode on the PC. Here, it simulates a Steam VR headset, allowing you to play VR games from the Steam Store like Half-Life Alyx.

    • Resolution: 4,320 x 2,160 pixels, 1200 PPI
    • Frame rate: Up to 90 Hz
    • Tracking: Inside-Out Tracking
  3. Sony PlayStation VR 2Playstation VR 2

    The PlayStation VR 2 is a VR headset designed specifically for use with the PlayStation 5. With a wide selection of exclusive games, it is a good choice for PlayStation console owners.

  4. HP Reverb G2HP Reverb

    The HP Reverb G2 is a VR headset with high resolution and impressive visual quality. It offers a comfortable wearing experience and precise motion capture with inside-out tracking. With its focus on graphics and image quality, the Reverb is like the Valve Steam VR compatible and corded.

    • Resolution: 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye
    • Frame rate: Up to 90 Hz
    • Tracking: Inside-Out Tracking (Windows Mixed Reality)


Meta has already announced the Quest 3 and we can assume that Meta will continue to lead the field in gaming. Those looking to purchase a gaming headset now may want to wait for the Quest 3. Those who don't want to wait can expect price drops for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro in the wake of the Quest 3 announcement.