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Apple Vision Pro: A game changer in XR technology -

The perspective of an XR designer

Apple Vision Pro Game Changer

As a designer of VR applications who has been working extensively with Extended Reality (XR) for over a decade, my decision to purchase the Apple Vision Pro headset in Germany may seem contradictory at first, especially considering the effort it took to acquire one of these devices. When I finally scored a Vision Pro via eBay and witnessed a virtual encounter with a dinosaur in my living room, I realized the revolutionary significance of Apple's entry into the VR market. This article reflects my perspective as an XR designer on the Apple Vision Pro and its potential impact on the XR industry.

How the hell did they do that effect

When looking at the "Encountering Dinosaurs" application, it becomes clear that as an XR designer, much more is required of Apple Glasses in terms of quality to achieve such brilliance in graphics and interaction. The photorealism, the plasticity of the rocky landscape, the perfect sound design and, last but not least, the impressive presence of the dinosaurs, which inspires awe even in adults, are remarkable

No more excuses

As a creative designer in the field of Extended Reality (XR), I often encountered questions from clients or audiences as to whether the quality of my presentations - be it the photorealistic representation, the resolution or the image sharpness - could not be better. These questions often presented me with the challenge of explaining the current state of XR technology as an ongoing development. In fact, this was not an evasion, but an honest assessment.

In the world of XR design, you regularly come up against technical limits: How many complex 3D objects can be displayed at the same time? How high-resolution can textures be without jeopardizing the stability of the application? How do you achieve maximum sharpness in VR? These questions were always determined by the limitations of the available hardware.

However, with the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, the tide has turned. This technology overcomes many previous limitations and opens up new freedoms for me as a designer to express myself creatively without coming up against the previous limits. Now there are no more excuses. The end result no longer depends on the limitations of the hardware. If the quality is not convincing, it is now up to me as the designer. This is an exciting but challenging turn of events that pushes me to push the boundaries of what is possible in XR technology.


The Apple Vision Pro experience: Setting a new VR benchmark

The Apple Vision Pro stands out from other VR headsets with an impressively immersive experience. This special feature is not just based on the iconic Apple logo, but rather on a significant leap in the quality of the virtual reality experience. This headset could convince many skeptics of VR technology and turn them into advocates, as it offers a display quality that matches the level of current high-end video games and movies.




Key features of the Apple Vision Pro:

  • High-resolution displays: The Apple Vision Pro has high-resolution displays with a resolution of 8K per eye, which offer incredible image sharpness and detail and thus enable unprecedented detail and readability of texts.
  • Precise hand tracking: The headset has accurate hand tracking. In contrast, hand tracking is possible on Meta devices, but the reproduction of the hands in virtual space is quite shaky, so that the hand tracking output does not appear to be of high quality.

Comparative analysis: Meta and other competitors

It is important that my appreciation of the Apple Vision Pro does not undermine other products such as the VR devices from Meta. These have their own advantages, such as support for many exciting apps and games and, last but not least, a significantly lower price. 


Kan you compare VR products that are so different in price?

The price is an important factor when we compare the Apple glasses with other similar cheaper products. We must not forget that you could buy 6 Meta Quests for the price of one Vision Pro. Apple has simply saved on nothing. Nevertheless, in terms of precise controller control and fast response time, the Quest 3, Meta's cheapest VR goggles, can outperform the expensive Apple Vision Pro. We must also not forget that the availability of the Vision Pro in Germany is very low.

However, the Apple Vision Pro represents a leap forward in terms of what the future of VR could look like.


Impact on the XR industry and audience: 

The advent of the Apple Vision Pro will have a significant impact on the XR industry. Customers and consumers who experience the high quality of the Apple Vision Pro are unlikely to settle for anything less in future VR experiences.

Expectations for the future of the XR industry:

  • Higher standard for VR devices: The bar will be raised for competitors such as Pico, HTC and Meta.
  • Focus on display technology: Excellent display sharpness, color brilliance and overall rendering performance will be essential for any competitive VR device.

A challenge for developers and designers

For XR developers and designers like myself, the Apple Vision Pro presents a challenge to update our content in terms of what is now feasible. We have to push the boundaries of VR capabilities and strive to achieve the quality that this device offers. 


The future of XR design is exciting again

To summarize, the Apple Vision Pro is more than just another VR headset; it is a transformative force in the XR industry. Its impact goes beyond the hardware specs; it inspires us as designers and developers to innovate and push the boundaries of VR. I look forward to this new era and, as always, I'm excited to see what's next in this exciting world of XR.


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