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Rent Apple Vision Pro:
Impress your audience with next generation mixed reality

Rent Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro sets new standards in enterprise hardware through its outstanding performance and Innovative technology.

A new dimension of digital interaction

With the Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset experience a new dimension of digital interaction. Design your digital space with ease, immerse yourself in immersive films and preserve your memories in 3D. Ideal for anyone who wants to Productivity or strive for a first-class level of entertainment for your team or your loved ones.

Key features of the Apple Glasses:

Breathtaking, immersive visual experiences

Enchant participants with high-resolution displays that bring your ideas to life in unparalleled detail.

Infinite workspace and intuitive controls

Easily organize and scale apps for seamless multitasking while staying connected to your surroundings. Your hands act as controllers. Additionally, you can customize specific settings and programs in advance to tailor the device to your individual needs and use cases.


Personal cinema everywhere

Turn any room into your own private movie theater with Spatial Audio and impressive visual effects that offer an immersive viewing experience.


Revolutionary 3D camera

The stereoscopic 3D camera system with 6.5 stereo megapixels captures depth and dimension, bringing visual impressions to life with unprecedented reality. Relive memories by viewing photos and videos from your library. Panoramas surround you as if you were standing right where they were taken. You can also create spatial videos with the iPhone 15 Pro and view them on the Apple Vision Pro.


Seamless collaboration and connectivity

Experience effortless collaboration with life-size FaceTime video windows and simultaneous document collaboration. Use other collaboration tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.



woman with Apple Vision Pro at event

Innovative AR capabilities

Present your products and services in a completely new way with interactive Augmented realityExperiences that leave a lasting impression.

Immersive environments

Transform your room with different environments, from breathtaking landscapes to a personal movie theater. With the Digital Crown, you have full control over the intensity of your immersion.

Connectivity with EyeSight

With EyeSight stay connected by showing others your eyes and signaling when you are absorbed in an experience.


Perfect for product presentations and demos

Generate excitement with interactive AR demonstrations that allow guests to virtually explore your latest offerings or make a choice between different products.

Apple Vision pro at trade fairs

Stand out from the crowd with a visually stunning stand and bring your brand story to life with mixed reality.

Conferences and seminars

Hands-on seminars. Immerse yourself and your seminar participants in presentations with high-resolution visuals that promote learning and interactivity.
By seamlessly connecting the digital world with the real environment, an immersive experience is created that increases participant engagement.

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