Design4real VR AR Agency
Digital Human Animation Workshop
We are organizing a Hands On Workshop on Digital Human Animation for you. The places are limited:
We have two parallel sessions for you. Each session has a different workflow. One with workflow is about the Unity Engine and the other with Unreal 5.
Session I - Digital character creation with Unreal

Workshop leader: Clarence Dadson, CEO and art director of Design4real
In an intensive 5-hour workshop, participants will be introduced to the world of motion capture and digital character creation, with a focus on using motion capture, face capture, iClone, Character Creator, and Unreal Engine. Participants will gain hands-on experience creating realistic animated digital humans and bringing them to life in a virtual environment.

Workshop procedure
Introduction and overview
Welcoming the participants
Introduction to Motion Capture and Digital Human Generation
Introduction to the tools: Rokoko Smart Suit, iClone, Character Creator and Unreal Engine
Objective and procedure of the workshop
Motion detection with Rokoko Smart Suit
Motion capture technology basics
Practical demonstration of motion capture with Rokoko
Participants record their own movements
Import and customize transaction data in iClone
Character creation with Character Creator
Introduction to iClone's character creation tool
Introduction Participants create digital characters
Fitting the facial features and clothing
Animation of the created characters with the recorded motion data
Integration with the Unreal Engine
Brief introduction to the Unreal Engine user interface and tools
Importing characters and animations created with iClone into Unreal
Integration of characters into a prepared virtual environment
Lighting, camera settings and rendering options in Unreal
Final project and presentation
Participants integrate their animated characters into an interactive scene in Unreal
Individual or group work to complete the scenes
Presentation of the finished projects
Feedback and discussion about the created works and the whole process

This 5-hour workshop provides participants with a hands-on introduction to motion capture technology and the creation of digital humans using iClone, Character Creator, and the Unreal Engine.

Session II: Introduction to AI-assisted story development.

Workshop leader: Tim Deussen, Studio Deussen
Workshop procedure
Introduction and overview
Initial overview of the mechanics of AI-assisted story development.
Develop a short basic story based on two characters in a relationship space
Discussion and adaptation of storylines with focus on performance elements
Basics of real-time motion capture with Rokoko:
Introduction to the basics of real-time motion capture technology.
Short demonstration of recording with rococo
Integration of simple performance elements and dance movements into the story to be told
Participants record simple movements representing the main characters.
Integrating the basic story into the motion capture session
Introduction to story integration and live projection in Unity:
Basic import and customization of motion capture data captured with Rokoko in Unity.
Basic settings for the scene, including lighting and camera settings in Unity.
VR rendering of the motion capture scene:
Participants will get a first glimpse of how their stories can be experienced in VR.
Basic feedback and discussion about the resulting work and the introduction process
Resources Needed:
Computer stations with basic installation of Rococo and Unity.
Simple motion capture equipment for the exercises
Learning Objectives:
By the end of this workshop, participants will:- know about
Have a basic understanding of AI-assisted story development
Have a basic understanding of how to use motion capture in real time.
Have a basic knowledge of how to create and render VR stories
Have a basic understanding of how to integrate performance elements into stories
This 5-hour workshop provides participants with an introductory overview and basic knowledge of AI-powered story development and execution using real-time motion capture.