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Is it worth buying an Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro for trade fairs

In this blog post, I would like to look at whether the Apple Vision Pro is a worthwhile investment for the consumer.
With the American market already half a year ahead, the Apple Vision Pro will soon be available for European users.
The key question is: Is it worth the money?
The price of the Apple Vision Pro in Germany will be around 4000€, which is a proud price for a VR headset is.
Is it worth it, especially for someone who doesn't necessarily have a VR enthusiast is?

My experience as a VR enthusiast

First of all, I am one of the VR enthusiasts.
There is hardly a VR gogglesthat I don't own, and accordingly I was one of the first people to opt for the Apple Vision Pro have decided.
However, the price is really high and expectations were correspondingly high.
The Apple Vision Pro is definitely a very interesting and unique device.
This is due to the unrivaled high resolution of the Headsets from 3660×3200 pixels per eye and the very high performance that no other standalone headset can match.
The Apple Vision Pro is also able to handle a large number of polygons.
This means that you can create polygon-rich 3D models or CAD models directly in the Apple Vision Pro can represent.
With a Glasses from Meta  like the Quest 3, this would not be possible as the computing power is simply not sufficient. However, there are many other features that the Quest 3 shares with the Apple Vision. 

The technical details

The Apple Vision Pro uses the new R1 chipwhich was specially developed for processing real-time data.
This Chip enables the Headset12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones simultaneously, resulting in an impressively precise and immersive VR experience leads.
The integrated displays offer a pixel density that almost matches that of the human eye, resulting in unprecedented visual clarity.
The Eye-tracking technology ensures natural and intuitive interaction, while the Hand tracking function recognizes precise movements and implements them in real time.

The software question

However, the Apple Vision Pro clearly behind other products in terms of software.
It is surprising how few exciting programs that really focus on the special features of the Apple Vision Pro in the current App Store are available.
This is also the sticking point for many potential buyers.
At the end of the day, the question is what you can really do with it.
As a creative person, I can create exciting applications, but for someone who only uses the existing software, the choice is limited.

Another aspect is the lack of Killer apps.
While there are some interesting applications, such as for 3D design and immersive media experiences, groundbreaking applications that could appeal to the mass market are still missing.
However, Apple has announced that they are working on partnerships with major developers to expand the offering.

Apple also doesn't make it easy for creative people to create their own content.
Existing standards for the development of XR software are often ignored by Apple, and in many respects the wheel has been reinvented.
This leads to additional hurdles and extra work for developers who want to develop their applications on the Apple Vision Pro want to get up and running.

For the average consumer

As Consumer device is the Apple Vision Pro is simply too expensive and offers too little software to be a good investment.
That may have changed in a year's time, but that's how I see it at the moment.
As an entertainment medium, there are too few different software products, and as a productivity medium, the Glasses simply too heavy.
If you have been using the Glasses it is heavy on the nose, and when it comes to ergonomics, the Apple Vision Pro not the best choice due to their weight.

Another critical point is the Battery life.
The Apple Vision Pro only offers an operating time of around 2 hours at full use, which is impractical for longer sessions.
This could limit its use for professional applications or longer entertainment sessions.


I would say that if you are not an absolute Apple fan is or the Glasses is not used for professional applications, you should perhaps wait and see.
Both the price and the range of software mean that the Glasses will probably end up gathering dust on the shelf sooner or later and will not be one of the devices you hold and use every day.

The decision as to whether the investment in the Apple Vision Pro depends very much on your individual needs and expectations.
For VR enthusiasts and creative professionals it can be an asset, but for the average consumer the high price and limited software offering could be a deterrent.

Apple has the potential to Vision Pro more attractive through future software updates and a wider range of applications.
Until then, it is advisable to keep an eye on developments and possibly wait for an improved model or a price reduction.

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