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The best software products for creating 3D avatars:


In the world of digital media, game development and animation, 3D avatars have become an essential component. However, creating high-quality 3D characters requires powerful software tools. In this article, we present a selection of the best software products that will help you create stunning 3D avatars. From Fuse via Character Creator up to Autodesk Character Generator, aXYZ anima, Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Make Human, DAZ Studio, Poser and Metahuman these programs offer a wide range of features and allow you to create realistic and fantastic characters. We'll a a look at the cost to help you make a decision.

1. fuse

Adobe's Fuse is an intuitive software with a user-friendly interface. Currently, Fuse is offered as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription. Unfortunately, Fuse is not developed further and therefore seems a bit dusty. For users who have an Adobe subscription, Fuse is an affordable solution. Unfortunately, Fuse's avatars are also very LowPoly and can hardly be costimized. Monthly subscription costs for the entire Creative Cloud start at around €59.49 per month for individuals. More information can be found on the Adobe Fuse website.

2. character creator

Character Creator by Reallusion is one of the leading software products. Currently, Character Creator is offered as part of Reallusion's Character Creator package. Here, along with iClone, there is a nice pipeline of motion capture, face capture, character creation, animation and reneder. The Reallusion products bundled together offer a very nice all round character solution. Prices for the Character Creator bundle start at around 199 € for the basic version. More information can be found on the Character Creator Website.

3. autodesk character generator

Autodesk Character Generator is a tool specifically designed for creating 3D avatars. The tool is a bit outdated and cannot compete with Character Creator and Metahuman in terms of realism. This is because the characters look stylized and lack detail. However, the tool can be useful if you don't need high-res avatars.  Autodesk Character Generator website.

4. aXYZ anima

aXYZ anima is a software solution for crowd generation. This is handy for enlivening large scenes and architectural renderings with virtual extras. The 3D characters can be quickly staged with paths and predefined animations. Anima also has a very good interface to common rendering programs. Prices for aXYZ anima vary depending on license type and intended use. For example, a single user license for commercial use can cost around 599 €. You can find more information on the Website of aXYZ anima.

5. blender

Blender is a free and open source software that offers an impressive range of features for creating 3D avatars. There is here for example the Plugin Human Creator . Blender also has a very good interface to Character Creator.For more information see the Blender website.

6. 3ds Max

Autodesk's 3ds Max is a professional 3D software and, like Maya, does not specialize in charcter design. Prices for 3ds Max vary depending on the subscription period and license type. Currently, prices for a single-user license start at about €1,680 per year. For more information, visit the 3ds Max website.

7. maya

Maya is a leading 3D software from Autodesk and a classic. Maya is also used to create and edit avatars, but is not specialized for that. Prices for Maya vary depending on the subscription period and license type. Currently, prices for a single-user license start at around €1,680 per year, making Maya a larger investment, like all Autodesk products. For more information, visit the Maya website.

8. metahuman

Metahuman, developed by Epic Games, is a revolutionary software. Metahuman excites with hyperrealism and easy integration into the Unreal Engine. Furthermore, Methuman also has the feature to output low-poly variants and LODs of the charcter created there. However, there is no way to export Metahumans to any software other than Unreal. Currently Metahuman is part of the Unreal Engine. The software is currently free. More information can be found on the Metahuman website.

9. DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio is a user-friendly 3D software that offers a wide range of features for creating 3D avatars. DAZ Studio is available for free, but also offers paid content and plugins that may incur additional costs. Daz offers a wide range of assets, but they are not optimized for lowpoly applications. Daz Charcter needs to be significantly polygonally reduced to perform well in 3D engines. The assets are full of fantasy content and lightly dressed ladies. Therefore not suitable for every application. However, assets in the Daz Store are usually quite cheap. daz is good for shopping women's clothing for 3D avatars.

You can find more information on the DAZ Studio website.

10. poser

Poser is one of the oldest 3D software for creating 3D avatars. I bought my first Poser version about 30 years ago. The prices for Poser vary depending on the version and license type. Currently, prices for a single user license start at around 129 €. Poser has unfortunately aged badly over the years and Daz is now the better option, especially price-wise. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a standalone solution. You can find more information on the Poser website.



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