What is the best VR headset for business applications

There are various VR headsets that can be suitable for business purposes as well, depending on the requirements and needs of the business.
However, some headsets have special features that other VR glasses lack, which play a role especially in the business environment.

Here is an overview of headsets on the market.

VR headset Price Wireless or corded Resolution Kiosk mode Good for cleaning
Oculus Quest 2 300€ (64 GB),399€ (256 GB) Wireless 1832 x 1920 per eye Yes No
Pico Neo 3 Pro 650€ Wireless 3664 x 1920 Yes Yes
Pico G2 4K 480€ Wireless 3840 x 2160 Yes Yes
Quest Pro 1200€ Wireless 1,920 by 1,800 pixels per eye no no
HTC Vive Focus 3 950€ Wireless 2448 x 2448 per eye Yes Yes
HP Reverb G2 500€ Corded 2160 x 2160 per eye No No
Valve Index 900€ Corded 1440 x 1600 per eye No No
HTC Vive Pro 2 1,200€ Corded 2448 x 2448 per eye Yes No
Varjo XR-3 5,995€ Corded 3664 x 1920 per eye Yes No

Business Feature: Kiosk Fashion
Kiosk mode (also referred to as "single-use mode") is a feature available on some VR headsets. In this mode, the headset is restricted to a specific application or a limited number of applications and the user cannot easily access other applications or settings.

The kiosk mode
Kiosk mode is especially useful in situations where the VR headset is used in public areas, such as exhibitions, museums, trade shows or fairs. By limiting access to other apps and settings, users can only access the specific apps that are relevant to the particular event or function. This reduces the risk of unwanted user behaviors and interactions and keeps control of the VR experience in the hands of the operator. Kiosk mode can also be useful when training staff or conducting presentations to ensure that users access the relevant materials and do not get distracted.

Hygiene problem zone face mask
The foam rubber face piece on VR headsets can be a problem if the device is used by many different people, such as at a trade show or in a public facility. The foam rubber can absorb sweat and dirt, which can lead to an accumulation of bacteria and germs. If the facepiece is not removable or washable, it may be difficult to clean it effectively and prevent the transmission of diseases and infections
Some manufacturers have developed removable and washable face pieces that can be easily replaced.
It is important that the face piece of a VR headset is cleaned and disinfected regularly, as it comes into direct contact with the user's face. During the use of the headset, there may be perspiration and transmission of bacteria and viruses, which may accumulate on the surface of the facepiece. If the VR headset is used by different people, there is a higher risk of disease and infection transmission.
In the table, therefore, under the item good for cleaning, reference is made to the extent to which the facepiece can be cleaned.

Wireless or not
Both wired and wireless VR headsets can be used in business applications, depending on the specific requirements of the business. There are also VR headsets that can do both, combining the benefits of wired and wireless VR headsets. These hybrid headsets can be connected via a cable for higher image quality and stability, but can also be wireless for more freedom of movement. When it comes to performance, of course, wired VR goggles that hang from the PC will always be superior to cordless ones.

Resolution and sharpness topic
As with TVs and monitors, the higher the resolution, the better the sharpness of the virtual reality glasses. The glasses from Vajo are the leaders here. However, they are all corded, not exactly small and quite expensive at over 4000€.

Made for Business?
Those who do business with Meta's glasses like the Quest2 can get into trouble. Meta has a somewhat opaque business program that allows users to use their devices for business purposes via a subscription model. How this works exactly and how the prices look like here can not be found on the Meta site.
With Pico, this is easier because there are dedicated business devices that allow commercial use.

Data protection topic
Here, you are on very thin ice with glasses from Meta, since the American company does not care much about the European data protection guidelines. You are much better off with glasses from Pico and HTC.

Test it yourself.
Before you choose a pair of VR glasses for your project, we would strongly recommend that you test the respective hardware yourself. There are many different VR glasses on the market, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. To make sure that the VR glasses you choose meet the requirements of your project and meet your expectations, it is important that you test and try out the hardware yourself.

Testing a VR headset gives you the opportunity to evaluate image quality, comfort, freedom of movement, and other important factors that can affect the user experience. Selecting VR goggles that don't meet your expectations can lead to a disappointing user experience that can affect your investment and the potential of your project.

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