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What is the passthrough mode for VR glasses?

meta quest 3 for business


Today, the launch of Meta Quest 3 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of immersive technologies. This new VR headset impressively combines virtual reality and augmented reality, paving the way for the awakening of a mixed reality era.

Passthrough Mode: The bridge between the worlds

The Quest 3 implements an innovative system of sensors and cameras that provide users with an unparalleled, seamless and realistic experience of the external world, even while dwelling in virtual reality. This is a testament to the mastery and technical innovation that Passthrough offers.

Safety through technology

Safety is a key aspect of Passthrough technology. When users leave the defined action area, Passthrough is automatically activated, providing real-time visibility of obstacles and the surrounding environment. This feature, originally introduced in the Quest 1, has continuously improved to provide a clear and accurate picture of the real world.

Mixed Reality: The Next Front

Passthrough's ability to create an authentic replica of the real world opens the door for augmented reality applications. Virtual objects can be seamlessly integrated into the real-world image, enabling a fusion of the real and virtual worlds and ushering in a new era of immersive experience.

The future of the immersive experience

While AR glasses like Magic Leap and Hololens have their own strengths, Passthrough has established itself due to its cost efficiency and superior image quality. The Apple Vision Pro testifies to this evolution by also integrating passthrough for displaying mixed reality content.


Passthrough technology is more than just an innovation; it is a transformation that is redefining the way we experience virtual and augmented reality. With its integration into consumer-grade VR goggles like the Quest 3, the immersive experience is enriched and expanded, opening the gates to countless creative possibilities and applications.