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Do I need 6 DoF Position Tracking

VR presentation: 6 DoF vs. 3 DoF

3 DoF (Degrees of Freedom):

A VR system with 3 DoF usually captures the rotation-based movements of the user's head. This allows you to look around and explore the virtual environment by turning your head left, right, up and down. However, it does not capture your position or movements in physical space. There are also use cases where 3Dof is the smarter option.

6 DoF (Degrees of Freedom):

A VR system with 6 DoF captures both the rotation-based movements of your head and your physical position in space. This allows you to not only rotate your head, but also move within the virtual environment by walking, ducking, or leaning in different directions. This allows for a more immersive experience, as it gives a greater sense of presence in the virtual world.

When is 3 DoF enough:

  • They have a static or seated VR experience where users mainly watch or consume content without needing physical movement.
  • VR presentation is mainly focused on displaying 360-degree videos, virtual tours, 3D environments or simulations that do not require extensive user interaction.
  • Cost plays an important role, as 3 DoF systems are usually cheaper. The cost is about 300 €.
  • The most popular glasses for 3 DoF content are the Pico G2 or its successor the Pico G3. The Occulus Go is also sometimes used, although this system is outdated.
  • 3 DoF VR goggles usually only have one 3DoF controller. This means a controller that only allows marking something like a laser pointer and then selecting it with a click.

When are 6 DoF needed:

  • They want to create an interactive VR experience that allows users to freely explore and navigate the virtual environment.
  • Their presentation involves physical interactions such as picking up objects, manipulating virtual elements, or moving around in space.
  • Realistic motion and spatial awareness are critical, for example in real-time architectural tours, training simulations, or gaming experiences that require precise motion tracking.
  • 6DoF headsets usually also have 6 DoF controllers for both hands. If you want to reproduce hand movements realistically in VR, this will only be possible with controllers with position tracking.
  • The most popular glasses for 6 DoF content are the Pico 4 or Meta Quest 2 or Pro and the HTC Vive glasses.

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