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Imagine | VR Training

"Imagine" is a VR training for nurses and geriatric nurses to improve their skills in dealing with patients.


The VR project "Imagine", developed by Design4real on behalf of healthcare XR specialist StellDirVor, represents pioneering work in the field of virtual training for nursing and geriatric care staff. This innovative project enables users to immerse themselves in the world of care through immersive VR scenarios, promoting an interactive and practical learning process. Virtual reality serves as a tool to strengthen participants' practical skills and develop a deeper understanding of patient handling.


The creation of a realistic virtual environment that enables users to authentically put themselves in the shoes of everyday caregivers was a central challenge of this project. The aim was to simulate realistic scenarios in which complex decisions and interpersonal interactions take center stage. In addition, technical hurdles such as the creation of realistic 3D models and the integration of interactive elements had to be overcome.


Detailed 3D models were created based on 100 images from a Munich care home, supported by realistic audio quality. These elements helped to create an immersive learning environment in which participants could improve their nursing skills through hands-on experience. There was a particular focus on interacting with virtual patients and exploring different care situations and approaches.


The project enabled nurses and geriatric nurses to expand their skills in a safe and controlled virtual world. Through interactive scenarios, participants were able to improve their communication and decision-making skills in simulated care situations. User feedback underlined the realistic and valuable nature of the experience. "Imagine" has the potential to revolutionize nursing education by enabling learners to actively empathize with their future role and enhance their skills.

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