Imagine | VR Training

"Imagine" is a VR training for nurses and geriatric nurses to improve their skills in dealing with patients.


"Imagine" is a VR project by Design4real designed specifically for the virtual training developed in the field of nursing and geriatric care. This groundbreaking project offers nursing staff a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in immersive scenarios from their everyday work and learn in an interactive way. By using virtual reality, participants can improve their practical skills and deepen their understanding of how to interact with patients.


One of the biggest challenges was to create a realistic virtual environment that would enable learners to put themselves in the shoes of everyday nursing staff. Authentic situations had to be recreated in which complex decisions have to be made and interpersonal interactions play an important role. In addition, the technical aspects such as the creation of lifelike 3D models and the smooth integration of interaction elements had to be mastered.





The integration of high-quality 3D models and realistic audio support created an immersive environment in which learners could gain hands-on experience and improve their nursing skills. In addition, special emphasis was placed on interaction with virtual patients and the opportunity to explore different approaches and situations.




Nurses and geriatric nurses were able to immerse themselves in the virtual world and enhance their skills in a safe and controlled environment. The interactive scenarios allowed learners to improve their communication and decision-making skills while simulating challenging nursing situations. The project received positive feedback from participants, who emphasized how realistic and valuable the experience was. "Imagine" has the potential to revolutionize nursing education and advancement by enabling learners to actively empathize and develop their skills in their future roles as nurses.



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