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Sennebogen 355e 3D Configurator

Innovative 3D web-based configuration solution for the Sennebogen 355e excavator All features of the construction machine can be viewed and configured in 3D.
Virtual product configurator


This configurator allows users to configure all features of the Sennebogen 355e construction machine and view the result in 3D. The application also has a direct link to Sennebogen's sales process, so that interested parties can directly request a quote from the sales department for the configurations of the 355e selected in the configurator. The configurator runs in the browser and is therefore executable on desktop computers as well as on tablets and phones.




Sennebogen AG, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, was looking for an innovative solution to enable its customers to interactively configure the Sennebogen 355e excavator and view it in a realistic 3D view. The challenge was to develop a user-friendly and visually impressive configuration tool that could be tightly integrated into Sennebogen's sales process.


Design4Real worked closely with Sennebogen's team to develop a customized solution. Based on the CAD model of the Sennebogen 355e excavator, a real-time 3D model was created that represented all features and configuration options of the excavator.

Using WebGL technology that enables 3d directly in the Brwser, Design4real develops an interactive configurator that allows users to customize all features of the excavator according to their individual preferences. The configurator features an intuitive user interface and real-time updates to provide users with a smooth and immersive configuration experience.


The configuration solution we developed proved to be extremely successful for Sennebogen. The application could be integrated directly into the existing website.

In addition, the application is directly linked to Sennebogen's sales process. Prospective customers had the opportunity to directly request a quote for the configuration of the 355e excavator selected in the configurator. This resulted in a seamless link between configuration and sales, allowing potential customers to make their purchase decision directly based on their individual requirements.

The innovative configuration solution significantly increased user interaction and customer satisfaction. It helps Sennebogen strengthen its brand image as a technologically advanced company and increase sales efficiency.

Design4real is proud to have been able to support Sennebogen in this project.

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