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IoT world market leader Gemalto presented Smart City at Mobile World Congress 2018


IoT world market leader Gemalto presented smart city concepts in augmented reality guise at Mobile World Congress 2018. With the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses, two visitors can simultaneously experience the Smart City up close and virtually. By clicking on hotspots, the viewer gains access to holographic 3D animated films that lovingly explain the Gemalto brand stories around Smart City and digitalization.
Design4real helped to create the miniature smart city world with elaborate real-time animations and great attention to detail. From the malicious hackers to the kindly old gentleman who can spend his twilight years in his own home thanks to IoT, all characters were animated with in-house motion capture technology.

In addition to a trade show version for HoloLens, there will also be a VR version and tablet version for AR Kit devices that can be used in sales.

-Customer: Gemalto
-Augmented Reality App for Microsoft HoloLens
-Entertaining new way to showcase Gemalto's IoT offerings for the smart city.
-The viewer receives additional information by focusing hot spots
-Witty animated stories encourage the user to experience all the stories there are to explore in the virtual smart city

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