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ZMC Hotels | Virtual Training

Virtual training for hotel employees of ZMC Hotels. Through several lessons they can test and train their knowledge of the and train their knowledge of the rules of conduct.


As part of our collaboration with ZMC Hotels, we have had the privilege of developing a groundbreaking virtual training for hotel employees to develop. Our goal was to create an immersive learning experience that would enhance staff expertise and skills and enable them to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


The challenge was to develop a customized virtual training course tailored specifically to the needs of the hotel industry. That's why we worked closely with the ZMC Hotels team to understand the specific training objectives and customize the VR content accordingly.




Using our expertise in virtual reality (VR), we designed a customized training course specifically tailored to the needs of the hotel industry. Using state-of-the-art VR goggles, we created a realistic and interactive 3D environment in which hotel employees could experience practical scenarios and apply their knowledge.

The virtual training covered a variety of relevant topics, such as first-class customer service, effective communication, conflict management and upselling techniques. We looked closely at ZMC Hotels' requirements and developed customized VR content to ensure the training met their specific training objectives.




The virtual training achieved extremely positive results. The hotel employees were able to experience practical scenarios in a risk-free environment and improve their behavior and skills. The training not only strengthened their professional competence, but also increased their confidence and motivation to provide excellent service to the guests of ZMC Hotels. The close collaboration between Design4real and ZMC Hotels resulted in a successful project that supported ZMC Hotels' training initiatives.


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